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The Best Night Vision Scope Reviews

When most people think of hunting, they think of daytime, early morning trips out into the woods. However, for many other hunters, the hunt does not begin until the sun goes down. For them, a regular rifle scope does not work so well. A normal rifle scope is designed to work with natural lighting to give you a clear idea of what you are aiming at. However, during the night, there is not enough light allowing a scope to be accurate. For this, you need something different and only the best night vision scope will work the way you need for them to.

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What Makes a Good Night Vision Scope?

Thermal Imaging Scope vs Night Vision ScopeWhen it comes to a good night vision scope, you want for it to be able to use the lighting that is available, whether starlight or moonlight, and intensify it to make things clearer. Your eyes can see things during a full moon, but as you look out over distances, it all becomes a series of dark shadows. The night vision scope should be able to clear it up for you. To do this, most night vision rifle scopes, like the ATN night vision scope, uses a red on green reticle system.

Why Use a Night Vision Scope?

Most animals that we hunt come out of hiding during the early morning or evening hours. However, others, such as wild hogs, prefer to come out during the darkest hours of the night. Considering how many people enjoy hunting for wild hogs and other animals that venture out into the darkness, is it any wonder that they want a scope that can help them out? In the past, everyone believed that you needed thermal imaging scopes to hunt for wild hogs, but this often led to hunters getting frustrated.

Thermal scope hunting is based on the heat of the animal. All the hunter can see is that there is something in front of their rifle that radiates heat. The thermal vision scope may show the approximate size of the animal in question, but you are in essence aiming at a red blob. The only advantage is that they show heat when you are in total darkness.NightScope

That is why you should keep in mind before you purchase one of the thermal scopes for sale; many hunters choose night vision scopes instead. They work well in low light situations and they can provide a very clear image of your target. Some scopes also feature an IR Illuminator to further give you the opportunity to see things clearly, even if the moon is hidden by clouds and you are faced with total darkness. Without the illuminator, night vision scopes cannot see more than the naked eye can at night.

Are Night Vision Scopes Accurate?

A night vision scope is extremely accurate when used for hunting. They do allow you to see and determine what you are aiming at as opposed to the blob that most thermal scopes see. However, if the animal is not moving, it could be harder to see them.

In order for you to gain a better understanding of what a night vision scope can do for you, why not read the reviews? There are many night vision scope reviews available, and they can help you make an informed decision before you make your purchase.

Night Vision Scope Reviews

ATN X-Sight Smart Riflescope

ATN Night Vision ScopeThis smart riflescope has everything you could possibly need when night hunting with a digital night vision scope. It has Wi-Fi, GPS, E-Compass, Altitude, and can record videos or take still shots. You can use it during the daytime or night. It features electronic zoom and shows you where you have been on an interactive map. With it, you can view things clearly up to 150 yards away, depending on the moon’s brightness and your location. More On ATN X-Sight⇒


Yukon NVRS Titanium

Yukon NVRS Night Scope This includes both the night vision gear and binoculars. It has multi-coated optics to give you a clear view of your target. It features an IL illuminator that can be turned off and gives you a range of up to 200 yards. More On Yukon NVRS⇒



Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1

Armasight Orion Night Vision Rifle ScopeThis night vision rifle scope will mount to a standard weaver rail. It has a detachable IR810 infrared illuminator and an impressive 5x magnification. The battery life is 40 hours and a two-year warranty. It is accurate according to most at up to and beyond 100 yards. More On Armasight⇒


Armasight Vampire 3X

Armasight Vampire Scope For Hunting At NightThis features the removable long range infrared illuminator and an illuminated reticle with brightness adjustments. It mounts to a standard weaver rail and uses CORE technology 60-70 Ip/mm. It is water and fog resistant. Armasight Vampire 3X⇒



Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2

Firefield Night Fall Scope For DarknessIf you are looking for a night vision hunting scope, this ergonomically designed scope could be for you. It provides a built-in illuminator and promises to provide high-quality images and resolution. It does have a large objective lens to ensure you can see all that you need to see. More On Firefield⇒


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