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Rifle Scabbard Backpack Reviews

A downside to carrying your rifle in hand, is that one hand will be holding the rifle or it will be tucked away where you cannot reach it easily. Not anymore. Now, you can purchase a scabbard to keep your hands free while you explore. To see how it works, check out our rifle scabbard backpack reviews.

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Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack rifle scabbardYes4.0$$$$
NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard tactical rifle scabbardYes4.4$
Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack Eberlestock X3 LoDrag PackNo4.7$$$
Tough 1 Deluxe Rifle Scabbard Rifle scabbardNo3.8$$
ZAPT Gunslinger Pack zapt scabbard rifleNo2.8$$

What Is a Rifle Scabbard Backpack?

Tactical Rifle BackpackA rifle scabbard is a sheath for your rifle. They resemble pistol holsters that people wear on their belt. The idea behind them is to protect the weapon yet ensuring it is easily accessible for you. A rifle scabbard backpack uses the same theory, but it is ideal for hikers since it also has a backpackto carry other items along on your hike. This means you can carry your camera, cell phone, ammo,  snacks, ropes, and your knife in your backpack and have your hands free. Best of all, the scabbard will ensure that your gun is tucked safely away, but within easy reach.

Who Would Need a Scabbard Backpack?

A backpack rifle holder is ideal for anyone who ventures into the great outdoors. You can use it when hunting, camping, hiking, kayaking, and more. In every situation where you need a backpack to carry your personal items and would benefit from having your most favorite rifle close by. If not for your own personal use, you can use it to give a gift to someone who loves the great outdoors.

Do They Hold All Gun Types?

A typical scabbard is able to hold a variety of small pistols. You can also choose a saddle rifle scabbard for those who ride horses. The backpack style is typically designed for larger rifles. To give you a clearer idea of what is available, you should check out the scabbards below.

Rifle Carrying Backpack Options

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack

Rifle BackpackThis minimalistic, lightweight, rifle pack allows you to hunt hands-free, but keep your rifle within easy reach. When you aren’t carrying your rifle, you can fold the scabbard and clip it to the bottom of the pack. This turns the scabbard into a large pocket which can also be used (see it here). There are compression straps and side webbing. Most reviewers say that it is large enough to hold a 10 mag, but probably not much more than that. Current Gunrunner Pack Pricing here⇒

VISM by NcStar

This tactical rifle scabbard is designed to be a shoulder carrying case or it can be modular mounted. It has webbing on both sides and six D-rings. There is a retention strap with a quick release buckle and padding around the whole thing. It measures 28.5 inches to fit most rifles. VISM Pricing here⇒NcStar Rifle Scabbard

ZAPT Heavy Duty Gunslinger Pack

Zapt Rifle Carry Case BackpackThis backpack rifle sling is versatile to give you added mobility when on the trails. It gives you rapid access to your firearm and it is able to resist water. It is made of 1000 denier nylon to be durable and usable in combat or hunting environments. Current ZAPT Pricing here⇒

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack

Lo Drag Rifle BackpackIf you want a popular, tactical weapon scabbard, you may love the LoDrag, which closely resembles an X1A1. It has a shape that is unique because it tapers at both the top and bottom so it stays close to your body. It is also compressible and side mounted straps to ensure it fits over your center of gravity. It has PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing and is 22” long. Current X3 Pricing here⇒

Tough-1 Deluxe Rifle Scabbard

Saddle Rifle ScabbardThis leather rifle scabbard is able to work with both lever and bolt action rifles. It has adjustable straps to ensure it attaches securely. You can choose a left or right hand-styled scabbard and it is available in a variety of sizes. See the Tough-1 here⇒