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Most Expensive Rifle Scope-Top 3

There are a lot of rifle scopes available. Each of them have unique features that set them apart from all others. Some of them cost an outrageous fortune, but many people say that quality costs. They say if you want a good, very accurate scope, you will spend the most money you can. On the flip side there are those looking for the best rifle scope for the money. If you are a person who loves quality, you should check out our list of the most expensive rifle scope available to see if they have the features that you truly want and find out whether they are really worth it to you.

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Unique Features of Our Top 3 More Expensive Rifle Scopes

Many of the more expensive scopes are designed to be extremely accurate. That is why many of them, including our most favorite top 3 are only available to the people who live inside of the US. They are backed by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and by purchasing you have to agree to the fact that you are an American and that you will not send it to other countries for resale.

Armasight Thermal Imaging rifle ScopeThese more expensive scopes are usually designed well enough to be used by our military and law enforcement officials. They may make use of thermal imaging like the Armasight Zeus 336 or battery-free illumination based on the light that is available at any given moment like the Trijicon TA31-ECOS ACOG. Both of these examples use superior glass lenses to outperform most all other rifle scopes.

More expense also means that they are much more accurate than all other scopes, even some of the other expensive ones available. That is why our top 3 choices are the most popular choice for people who feel that quality matters more than price and choose a more expensive rifle scope.

To help you gain more insight into why some of the best scope brands are popular, even though they are not going to come cheap, you should check out our top 3.

Most Expensive Scope List

FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight

Flir System Most Expensive Rifle ScopeThis rifle scope offers the ThermoSight 640×480 site spectrum. Most people state that it is so clear that you do not feel as though you are looking through a scope. The glass is barely there and the imagery you see is unbeatable; so you can take aim on any target area. It features dual control modes and an adjustable field of view using a long-wave thermal imaging sensor and an inline design. With this scope, you can see objects, even in total darkness. You can also see through smoke, dust storms, and other possible obstructions. As an added bonus for some, even though there is illumination within the scope, it will not illuminate you in any way, which will allow you to be cloaked in darkness when aiming or firing. For this reason, it is the most expensive scope on our top 3 list. More On FLIR Systems⇒

Armasight Zeus 336

Armasight Expensive Rifle Scope ChoiceThis outstanding scope, aims to show you what will make an excellent choice in scopes. It is a high-performance thermal imaging camera that will fit any Picatinny MIL STD 1913 or Weaver rail. It has an external power supply and can record video. The specs on it include a magnification of 3-12×42 (30 Hz) on the thermal imaging and the FLIR Tau 2-336×256 (17 micron 30Hz core). All of this is alongside a 42mm lens. More On Armasight Zeus⇒

Trijicon TA31-ECOS ACOG

Trijicon Top Rifle ScopeIf you want quality and you are tired of asking how to pick a scope, you should check out this scope that has everything you could hope for in one. It is a 4 x 32 Flat Dark Earth scope that features a dual illumination crosshair reticle with 3.25 MOA RMR Sight. No battery is required for the illumination due to the tritium/fiber optic illumination that will use the available light to show you clear images, even if you are aiming with both eyes open. It is calibrated for 5.56 (.223 cal) to flattop rifles out to 1,000 meters. Most owners say that it is extremely clear, that it definitely meets or exceeds all of their expectations as far as durability. The bullet drop calibration is right on, even after thousands of rounds have been fired off by them and most say that it is the best investment they ever made. More On Trijicon⇒