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List of The Top Rifle Scope Manufacturers

Bushnell Guarantee

Bushnell Guarantee

When considering a rifle scope, you will gain a lot by sticking with manufacturers who have already proven that they can give you an accurate scope. However, it is not always easy to tell which manufacturer makes the best based on their name. This is because there are so many scope manufacturers on the market and all of them claim that they are best. To help you out; here is a little information about some of the most popular rifle scope manufacturers and why they have earned their name.

Top Scope Manufacturers

NikonNikon Prostaff 9 X 40 Review

Nikon has been creating optical products for more than 90 years. They provide scopes that have an ideal balance of light transmission, resolution, and aberration-free, sharp images. In fact, their rifle scopes were the first to reach a level of 95% light transmission. They have a huge selection of rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, field scopes, and rangefinders. Outside of hunting, they are a company that is well-known for creating quality cameras and many other products. They are available in a variety of price ranges to meet the needs of every outdoorsman and quality does not have to just be yours when you choose high end scopes. According to Nikon scopes reviews, one of the most popular scopes available is the Nikon M-308 or the Prostaff. Everyone says that it is a great long range rifle scope because of its oversized lens and large magnification range. Nikon Rifle Scopes Available⇒

Leupold Rimfire ScopeLeupold

The Leupold scopes started out as a failed shot at a deer, or that is what the rumors say at least. It was blamed on a foggy lens and the disappointed hunter claimed he would build a better rifle scope based on his love of hunting and past experiences. In 1947, Leupold built the Plainsman scope and it is still noteworthy because it was the first fog proof scope that was built in the United States. Since then, they have created many tactical rifle scopes. Reviews show that the most popular of the Leupold tactical scopes is the VX-1 Rimfire Scope or the VX-2. Leupold Rifle Scopes Available⇒


Bushnell Elite Tactical ScopeBushnell promises affordable scopes and quality product. It is something they have tried to achieve for more than 65 years. They create GPS devices, night vision devices, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, trail cameras, and more. Their best tactical scope is the Elite Tactical SMRS or the HDMR. They do also make AR Optics scopes like the AR Optics Drop Zone, which reviews show is beautifully designed and extremely durable. Bushnell Scopes Available⇒

UTG Bug Buster Rifle ScopeUTG

UTG is a part of the Leapers company, which started out a business that was based in a garage. Over two decades later, they are recognized as being one of the best scope manufacturers around. This single company provides hunters and outdoorsmen with everything they need including, flashlights, lasers, gun cases, tactical armor, paintball accessories, mounting systems and several optics for a wide range of guns. One of their most popular is the BugBuster. However, they have a lot of popular scope choices from tactical to long range, and short range. UTG Scopes Available⇒