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Night Vision Scope Reviews

When it comes to shooting or hunting in the dark, the definite solution is a night vision scope. Never miss a shot at night with night vision optics. But is a night vision scope really a good investment? Why not just use your regular rifle scope for night hunting? This article is a review on why night vision scopes are needed for night hunting, how different they are from regular scopes and what makes night vision optics advantageous to hitting your target at night.

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How is a night vision scope different than a regular scope?

A night vision scope is an optoelectronic scope that allows images to be produced in very low light conditions. The images that you see on the optics can be a conversion from visible light to near infrared. The image that you see is a monochrome shade of green. These types of scopes are usually used by law enforcement officers and military, and some civilians own night vision scopes as well.

What makes a night vision work?

Night vision works in different methods. It can use low light imaging, thermal imaging or near infrared illumination.

Image intensifiers amplify the available light in the surroundings to achieve better vision at night. What the objective lens does is to focus photons on the photocathode of an image intensifier. The light energy releases electrons which accelerate and intensify the original version of an image. This type of scope is best at low-light levels but disadvantageous to totally dark shooting applications since you need some light required. Optics with this technology is more affordable compared to other night scopes which use either thermal imaging or near infrared illumination technology.

How accurate is the night vision?

Night vision scopes can be as accurate as they can realistically be. Of course you can never compare the image clarity when you use an ordinary scope in the day. But the technology that we have today in night vision optics has come a long way which makes accuracy even at 99.9%. The intensifiers, magnifications, lenses and the adjusters are definitely state of the art and provide the clearest and most accurate possible sight that you will get at night.

Who Are These for? The most common applications for the night scopes are for military, tactical, night hunting, security and even for civilians who have pests and varmints lurking around their farms at night that destroy their produce.

Here is a list of reliable, affordable and go to night visions scopes for both beginners and professionals alike:

Top Night Vision Options

Orion Predator H30 Red or Green 273 yards Affordable Option

This night hunting light is a great accessory to make your ordinary hunting scope function as a night scope. It can reach up to 273 yards of bright green beam to help you see at night. The latest Cree xp-e2 green LED light lets hard to see targets easily spotted at night. The light is sturdy, waterproof and military grade for durability and reliability. It is very affordable which is great for beginners and those who have varmints in their farms like hogs or foxes. It comes with a 10 year warranty service. This night hunting flashlight is a great alternative for those who do not want to spend too much money on night vision scopes.Night Vision Scope Light

Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Yukon Night vision rifle scope is a lightweight, durable and reliable night scope recommended for beginner night hunters, tactical ops and law enforcement. It features a multi-coated optics, adjustable lit red on green reticle and precision wind and elevation adjustment. The 45mm eye relief on this scope is very much needed for better and relaxed vision at night. This scope is dubbed as the varmint hunter by homeowners because of its clear sight and magnification in low light conditions. This is an affordable night vision scope which is without question a good investment to get rid of those varmints. Read More On Yukon Here⇒Yukon NVRS Night Vision Scope

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope

This is one of the “go to” scopes of professionals. This is not just a varmint hunter but can be used in any night hunting needs. You can easily spot a target which is 200 yards away. With no moon and just a few stars, the scope can still give you clear and bright illumination as compared to other scopes. The adjustments on this scope can hold zero with no problem at all. You can use it with or without the IR assistance but still give you a clear line of sight on targets 200 yards below. The one downside is the weight. It significantly adds weight to your rifle but unquestionable one of the best night scopes for long range night applications. Read More On The Armasight Here⇒Armasight Vampire Night Vision

Monstrum Tactical S330P 3x Ultra-Compact Prism

If the Armasight is for your long range night shooting, this Monstrum is great for short range to mid range night shooting. It is a compact and yet heavy duty night scope that can give you 3x magnification with its objective lens. It is commonly used for fast paced mid range shooting. Although it is compact it can still give you a good sight for targets which are 500 yards away. It features a crystal clear optics with red, green or blue illumination and multiple brightness levels. It only weighs 15 ounces and is 5 inches in length which makes it compact enough and light enough to be mounted on a heavy mid range rifle. Read More On Monstrum Here⇒Monstrum Tactical Night Vision Scope

ATN DGWSXS518A 5-18X X-Sight Night Vision Scope

If you want technology in a scope, this is the scope for you. This ATN night vision scope has Wi-Fi, GPS, Geo-tagging, E-Compass, Velocity, Altitude, Video and still images recording. Most certainly a state of the art hunting scope, this optics is built for the serious night time hunter. Either looking for varmints or suppressing an enemy, this ATN will never fail you. The technology in this scope is worth a couple of thousand dollars but surprisingly it cost only a couple of hundreds. The functionality on this scope can be overwhelming for a beginner but is great for avid enthusiasts. This scope is worth a further Read More Here⇒ATN Night Vision Scope Review


More Night Vision Scopes

Best Long Range Scope For The Money

 What makes the best long range rifle scope?

When it comes to long range rifle scopes you cannot rely on advertisements. Ads can be misleading. You have to rely on unbiased reviews to know which are the best long range scopes are available to purchase. What differentiates long rifle scopes from other scopes is that you need it to be very precise in shooting applications. A 0.001 inaccuracy can be detrimental in long range shooting. But do you really have to buy $3000 long range rifle optics to get the desired results? This is not always the case. There are cheaper bang for the buck long range scopes in the market. You should just know how to look for them.

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Optics Comparison Table

*Those viewing on mobile device may need to rotate to horizontal orientation to see full table.








Nikon Buckmaster NikonBuckmaster

Most Affordable

Leupold AR Mod Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

Most Tactical

Nightforce NXS Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Top Rated

Leupold Mark 4 Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Most Versatile

Bushnell Elite BushnellEliteScope

Most Popular


What factors are most important when considering a Long Range Rifle Scope?

These are some important factors which you should consider when scouting for the best long range scope for the money:

Quality Glass

High quality glass spells the difference when it comes to clear line of sight. You need a clear, sharp glass that can let you see the target clearly, especially at lower power magnifications. You need high quality glass in reading mirage which lets you know the accuracy factor the wind has on the target.

Milling Reticle

The reticle should have evenly spaced dots to help you estimate elevation and distance of the target.This is important to calculate the drop especially if the target is 100+ yards away.

Zoom Power

For long range shooting applications, you should have at least 18x zoom power. When a moving target is in sight 100 yards away, you should be able to zoom on it without any problem. But at the same time a hunting rifle scope should also be zoomed out down to 8x to let the hunter be comfortable looking at targets 50 yards or below.

Elevation Adjustment Range

You should have more adjustment options when it comes to long range scopes. What is ideal is a 100 MOA of elevation adjustment. With all the factors in the field that can contribute to letting you miss the target 100+ yards away, you should have the proper elevation adjustment range to help you be more accurate.

Objective Size

A 50-56mm objective is ideal for long range shooting applications.

 Top 5 Long Range Rifle Scopes 

Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14×40 Riflescope

This is a good companion to your long range hunting needs because of the high quality of the magnification. It gives you a choice of whether to use mil-dot, bullet drop or nikoplex. The light transmission is at 92% which is great to prevent eye strain. This is considered one the best purchases for the money because of its lifetime warranty provided by Nikon. It does not look rugged but it is a tough scope for your hunting needs. It can withstand any weather conditions. It is waterproof, shockproof and fog resistant. This is one of the most affordable long range rifles out in the market. Read More On The Buckmaster Here⇒

Nikon Buckmaster Long Range Scope

Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle

The best feature of this rifle scope is the crisp and clear line of sight. You will be able to hold zero with no hassle even if the target is more than 200 yards away. It is super light weight which is great for heavy long range and mid range rifles. It doesn’t have many features though which makes this a good basic long range optics for beginners. The price is also affordable which makes it definitely a good buy. Read More On Leupold Mark AR Here⇒Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

NightForce 5.5-22×50 NXS Tactical Riflescope ZeroStop

This long range scope is highly recommended by the pros. The eye relief is at 3.7” which is great for hitting targets 300 yards or more. The illumination on the reticle helps a lot in the accuracy and eye relief. This is definitely a great buy because of the image clarity. The quality of glass in this optics is very remarkable. The entire zoom range gives you a clear line of sight. You won’t have a problem holding zero when using this scope. The price is not that affordable though but it is unquestionably value for money. Read More On The NightForce Here⇒Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14×50 mm MR/T M1 

This is definitely one of the top notch scopes in its price range. It cost a little more than the Nightforce but definitely way out of league of the Nikon Buckmaster. This is the favorite rifle scope of marines and snipers. If you do not give any leeway for errors in your shooting application, this is definitely the best scope for you. Leupold is a well known name when it comes to reliability and toughness. This scope therefore is without doubt a scope for the field where you need to do a lot of movement, running and changing locations. Read More On Leupold Mark Non Illuminated⇒Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS 

Another scope which is worth mentioning is the Bushnell Elite Tactical riflescope. It has adjustable power magnification up to 24x. The 50mm objective lens gives the shooter clear and bright magnification even at extended range. There are added features which make this scope a favorite for pros like the G2DMR designed for holdover and windage correction, side focus parallax adjustment, 3 inch sunshade, multi-coated optics for clarity, rain guard, anti-fog and most of all lifetime warranty. With all these features you would think that it would cost a little over $3000 but this is one of the most affordable scopes for beginners and pros. Pricing & Owner Review Here⇒Bushnell Elite Long Range Rifle Scope

The best rifle scope does not necessarily depend on the price but in the application you need the scope for. Beginner gun owners are advised to purchase the more basic, more affordable yet reliable scopes like the Nikon and the Leupold. For pros who need a tough and with crisp quality scopes, you can go for the Nightforce or the Leopold Mark 4. Make sure you check all the factors before purchasing a long rifle scope.

How To Mount A Scope

Having a perfectly mounted scope is the solution for accurate shooting. Going to a mounting expert is usually what most people do. What a beginner rifle owner does is buy one of the best rifle scopes, buy the ample rings and have it mounted by a gunsmith. Having this done by a professional gunsmith usually comes with a fee. But because there are mounting tools which are accessible to the ordinary gun enthusiasts, you can now easily mount a scope to any rifle.How To Mount A Scope

Prepare These Proper Rifle Scope Mounting Tools:

  1. Torque Wrench – This is the most important tool in the process of mounting a scope. You do not want to over tighten the screws and the scope rings. A proper torque wrench that clicks when screws are properly tightened is what you need to have to get the process done properly.
  2. Sure Thread – This secures the bolts in place.
  3. Lapping Bar and Pin Set
  4. Screwdriver and bits
  5. Modular Level System – This is needed to make sure that the gun is leveled with the scope
  6. Outers Crud Cutter
  7. Gunsmithing Center

Choosing The Best Scope Mounts

For the rings, you can either choose an aluminum ring which is best for all weather applications because it will not rust. You can also opt to purchase steel rings which will up your mounting price tag but is great for heavy duty shooting. You will have to purchase anti rust applications for metal rings though.

How To Mount A Scope- Steps:

  1. Gun Preparation
    1. Inspect Firearm – It is very important that you inspect the firearm for safety reasons. You have to check if there is still a bullet placed inside the barrel just to make sure that there will be no accidents when installing the scope.
    2. Remove filler screws and prep holes – Once you have done your safety check remove all the filler screws and keep them in a secure place, preferably on top of a white piece of paper or a small container so you won’t lose any screws.
    3. Read instructions – You have to read the instructions on how to mount the scope not just once but at least twice to make sure that you are properly prepared to mount the scope. There are different processes in mounting a scope for different rifles. An AR 15 Red Dot Scope is going to be different than a Long Range Rifle Scope. It is always best to read the instructions.
  1. Scope Mounting
    1. Base Installation – The first thing you need to install is the base. Make sure that once the base is in place it does not hinder any action movement when you cock the rifle.
    2. Ring Selection – You should install the ring with the proper height so that you won’t have problems like neck strains when you already use it for shooting.
    3. Scope Positioning – Lay the scope in place in the saddles of the rings once the bases of the rings are installed. Add the caps and install the cap screws. Tighten the cap screws but not too much so that you can adjust the scopes freely so that you can set it in the highest setting possible. Check the sight.
  1. Reticle Alignment
    1. Modular Level System – Lay the level on the bolt and on the scope to ensure that the scope is both perpendicular and parallel to the line of the gun. You have to make sure that BOTH the bubbles are centered.
    2. Torque Wrench and Completion – Once everything is aligned, you can tighten the screws on the scope rings and secure it by using a sure thread.

Common Mistakes in Mounting a Scope

  1. Not using the proper tools – Not using the proper tools can destroy the scope in the long run. For example, a wrench tool can over tighten the scope which can damage the accuracy of the scope. Tightening the screws on the scope will put unwanted pressure on it which will affect accuracy in the long run.
  2. Not aligning the reticle after installation – Aligning the reticle is very essential for accuracy. You should do this especially for long range rifles. Make sure that everything is aligned so that you will hit the target when you need it.

Make sure you follow these simple steps to guide you in your scope mounting. You can save a lot of money if you mount a scope yourself, but you can also destroy your equipment if you do not have the proper tools. Make sure you always read the manual.


Best Rifle Scope For The Money

Getting into a hobby is fueled by passion, but is funded by money – and hobbies can be quite expensive. Individual purchases can add up, and then of course there’s the higher-end material and equipment that can demand hefty figures with each purchase. This is why doing some research before making an all-important financial decision is an important step. Knowing what is available on the market, what the best value for money is, and how well each option works is a must for anyone looking to sink more money into buying material or equipment for any pursuit they might be undertaking.

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When buying a rifle scope, the same principle applies. While once upon a time iron sights – which are built onto the rifle itself – were enough, these days it’s quite a different game. Proficiency and precision are the name of the game, and as such many models of rifle scopes have emerged, each of them good rifle scopes in their own way. Different people will have different criteria in mind when picking the best hunting scopes for them, but what should any shooter look for when buying one?

  1. Magnification – a scope’s main function is to help a shooter aim. As such, picking a scope with effective magnification is a must. Pick a scope with good magnification to be able to get a good capture.
  2. Design – scopes tend to feature in 1” diameter sizes, but for more precise light transmission one can pick an also-common 30mm model. Current manufacturing trends point to an increased use of 34mm scopes. Eyepiece distance is also a factor – most will recommend an average of one to four inches of distance between the eyepiece and your eye.
  3. Price – the best value for money should mainly be affected by the durability of the scope, what features the scope has, how well it can be fine tuned, and what additional items it comes with. Don’t be swayed by scopes that charge extra for an attractive finish, unless a particular type of finish is a required consideration for buying that particular scope.

Best Rifle Scope For The Money

It will be up to you to determine which is the best rifle scope for the money according to your needs. However, to help you get informed about some good rifle scopes, here are some quick rifle scope review reviews for currently popular models. Links to full reviews will be added if you want to find out more about them.


Nikon Prostaff 9 X 40 ReviewTypically priced upwards of $140, the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 has simplified field adjustment settings that make rezeroing a quick move. The signature BDC reticle also allows shooters to hold “dead on” even at ranges past the conventionally-accepted upper limits. Perhaps the most notable feature, though, is the see-through ballistic circles, which give sighting benefits for both short-range shots and long-range shooting. [Read Our Full ProStaff Review]


NIKON P-223 3-9X40

Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope ReviewCommonly seen online for prices hovering in the $190 range, it is worth nothing that the design for the Nikon P-233 focuses on allowing for excellent long-range accuracy as well as quick sighting speed, so if these are things you value, this might be the better option. The P-233’s optical system construction allows for superior light transmission and is complemented by the signature Nikon BDC 600 reticle. [Read Our Full P223 Review]



Bushnell AR 15 Rifle ScopeAs always, Bushnell focuses on providing reliability, durability, performance and optical precision. Also a roughly $200 unit, the Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x 24mm BTR-1 riflescope offers a caliber-specific reticle for remarkable accuracy. The optics are multi-coated to allow for noteworthy brightness, and the usual features for optimum performance – nitrogen purging to prevent fogging, o-ring sealing to keep out moisture and dust – are present, all topped off by a durable, rustproof and scratchproof shell. [Read Our Full Review]



Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Scope ReviewOften seen at a comparatively hefty $400+ price tag, the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic works hard to counterbalance its price point with a slew of strong features. Its versatile nature – allowing it to be used with night vision devices from all generations – is thanks to the band-pass coating of its front lens. Thanks to its modular QRP2 mount, it can also work smoothly with iron sights on a variety of models, from M4 to AR15 to M16 – and you can even skip this to use the sight with a submachine gun or stock police shotgun. A wealth of brightness and night vision options give it even more of a versatility boost as well. [Read Our Full Review]




Best AR15 Red Dot Sight & Scope Review

Marksmanship can be a very rewarding pursuit, whether it is related to hunting or to competitive shooting. A person can feel truly accomplished whenever the elusive high of striking a far target is achieved. Some might make the case that firing with, say, an AR-15, can make for a fairly expensive investment, and it could indeed be said to add up especially considering ammunition, scopes and other accessories. However, there are also plenty of really good deals out there for the taking, and it often comes down to knowing what choices are out there and which option offers the best value for money.

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Shooting with an AR-15, after all, just begins with the purchase of the AR-15 itself – the next level is almost certainly reached with the upgrades to customize one’s experience. And while it is true that there can be a lot of expense waiting on the other side, the same is true of any pursuit – and this can be mitigated mightily with some smart foresight.

Choosing A Red Dot Sight

One of the first upgrades you are likely to make will be an AR15 red dot sight. Picking the best red dot out there is a good early step towards ensuring the rest of your shooting experience goes smoothly and rewardingly. Here are some guidelines in choosing a red dot sight:

  1. Pick a dot size and pattern that works best for you. Choosing the wrong reticle can lead to serious stumbling blocks down the line. Also be open to the use of micro red dots, which are gaining popularity as evidenced by many red dot reviews.
  2. Practice using the dot size to estimate range.
  3. Practice positioning the red dot, and avoid placing it too close to the eye.
  4. Study up on your options: battery-free, reflex-style optics or electronically-aided optics? Note that the latter are becoming more and more energy-efficient and thus reliable.

Studying up on your options is a step that will continue to be important, and something you should continue to do. Here are a few red dot reviews that should help you do just that.

Top AR Sights


Bushnell Red Dot Review One of the current frontrunners in terms of red dots is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. It’s got an amber-tinted front lens, which is also tilted to use reflected LED lighting to create the red dot. This LED light source is secured to the scope internally using adhesive, which some find problematic because it tends to partly block the field of view. This is done by design, but it might not be for everyone. The TRS-25 doesn’t perform best indoors under artificial light, as these lighting conditions might make the red dot seem blurry or distorted (this may be due to a conflict between the dot intensity setting and the lighting). It’s worth noting that the Bushnell also does not come with a riser out of box, which is an extra item needed to mount it on an AR. However, some tests have shown it outperforming other red dots so it may be worth the extra effort and cost. Read What Other Trophy Owners Say⇒


Sightmark Red Dot SightIn contrast, the Sightmark Ultra Shot has a Weaver quick-detach mount that gives it good marks for ease of installation and removal. The protective hood is also sure to be appreciated, and its water resistant form is durable enough for a number of conditions. It has a digital switch reflect sight, which makes it a good choice for dealing with fast-moving targets, and its field of view can cover 105 feet at 100 yards. Overall the Sightmark Ultra Shot is lightweight by design but sturdy – at least one review mentions it not needing a rezero after being dropped. However, some have also complained about a “battery bump”, which suggests you should inspect your unit carefully when buying it. Read More Here⇒


UTG Red Dot ReviewUTG is known for coming up with sights that tend to be good value for money. The New Gen SCP-RD40RGW-A is a mouthful but lives up to that reputation; its brightness settings allow it to be used in a number of shooting environments, and many red dot review swear by the field of view and eye relief it provides. It offers a sharp and crisply-defined red dot almost irrespective of the brightness of the target background, which most will be sure to appreciate. The integral Picatinny Mounting Deck is easy to use and very secure thanks to the double-locking nuts. Excellent for the price! Read More Here⇒


Vortex Optics Red Dot Scope This dual-color sight offers either red or green dots, as well as a night-vision mode. A parallax-free design that allows a shooter to keep both eyes open when aiming/shooting and not necessarily dooming the shot to a parallax error. The o-ring sealed optics are waterproof, and the sealing keeps dust, moisture and debris out. Moisture and fogging are also not a concern thanks to the unit’s nitrogen fogging. The brightness controls are fairly easy to use, and the 6-hour auto-shutdown can be employed to maximize battery life. The main negative here is the relative bulkiness of the unit, which can make it feel a bit unwieldy. Read More Here⇒


EO Tech Red Dot Review Many hold EOTech equipment to a high standard, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. Easy to use for advanced as well as casual shooters, the EOTech 512.A65 boasts some fancy-sounding features that are nevertheless user-friendly and effective. Even those learning how to sight in a red dot will be helped along with its numerous features. Target acquisition is very good thanks to the laser-illuminated holographic red reticle, and the whole high-tech package is even easy to mount thanks to a mounting bolt that needs no additional tools to put it on a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Worth noting, though, is the fact that it needs 2 AA batteries, the length of which makes the whole thing a bit sizeable – not exactly ideal if you have limited rail space. Read More About EOTech Red Dot Here⇒

In the end, the best red dot for you will be that which meets your needs the best. Is it brightness? Durability? Efficiency? Size and fitting in? Take all of these into account and be sure to ask for as much information as you need when you’re out there buying your red dot.