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Best Progressive Reloading Press for The Money

Avid hunters and target shooters tend to spend a lot of money on ammo for their favorite rifles. That is why many of those same people have begun to explore the option of having a reloader. If you are also interested in giving a reloader a try, we have found the best progressive reloading press for the money.

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What is a Progressive Reloading Press?

A progressive reloader is, in short, rifle reloading equipment that stocks new bullets with powder. These reloading presses are designed for people who like to keep ammunition on hand at all times, as they are meant to be quick and efficient. These presses hold the case or hull, primer, powder, and bullet and turn it into a round.

Can One Press Work for Multiple Calibers?

When looking at a reloading press, you may hear people talking about a single stage or a progressive one. A single stage reloader is designed for people who want only a few bullets. The progressive ones are able to produce more ammo at a faster rate. There are people who use one press for multiple calibers, but as a general rule, many have two presses. They have one set up for larger calibers and another set up for smaller ones. That would mean having one set up for the .223 caliber bullets and then another set up for your smaller targets. If you do not have the money or desire for multiple presses, you can change it around the powder type dyes, etc. Each brand of reloader will require you to change it using their recommendations.

Is Owning a Reloader Worth the Price?

If you are curious and questioning, “what is the best progressive reloading press?”, you can rest easy knowing that you are not alone. Many people are unsure of what the best reloading equipment may be and whether it is really worth it. The truth is, it is not new technology. Once you find the right type of press for you, the financial aspect may be something that concerns you. A reloader is designed for people who go through hundreds of rounds. If you only target shoot or hunt occasionally, it may not be worth the cost. To help you gain an understanding of what you may be looking for and the price that you may have to pay for it; you should look at the options below.

Top Reloading Presses

Lee Precision Load Master 223 Remington Reloading Rifle Kit

Load Master Progressive Reloading PressThis reloader features a large 1-3/4-inch diameter ram and a stroke clearance that is designed to be large enough to work with the largest magnum rifle cases. It is made with cast aluminum. You can use it as a single stage press or use it as an automatic indexing progressive press. The five stations work with most reloading dies, which are held by a detachable turret. This is one of the most popular pressed on the market. Current Load Master 223 Pricing here⇒


Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

Hornady Reloading PressThis is what many consider the best progressive reloader. It allows you to quickly switch dies and load other calibers. You can change from 223 to 45 in less than 5-minutes and the EZject system consistently ejects every cartridge automatically. It features quick-change metering inserts and a universal case retainer spring. There is a large capacity hopper, built in primer, and a case activated powder drop. Lock N Load Availability⇒


Dillon Precision XL650 Progressive Auto Indexing Reloading Machine

Dillion Precision Reloading PressThis is a 5 station progressive loader which uses a 223 conversion kit. It does not come with dies. The mechanically indexed shell plate rotates one station with every pull of the handle. It can load between 500-800 rounds per hour. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can take advantage of a full no questions asked lifetime warranty. Check XL650 Pricing here⇒


Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit

Classic Turret PressThis is a great starting kit and includes everything that you could possibly need to get started reloading. It is made in the USA and includes the Pro Auto-Drum to measure and riser. It is ideal for handguns and small rifle cartridges and produces 250 rounds in an hour. You may need to purchase separate dies for this starter kit, but most people seem to think it is worth it. Current Classic Press Kit Pricing⇒


Lee Precision 9-mm Pro 1000 Luger

9mm Reloader PressThis is a popular choice for many because it has 3-hole reloading for the 9mm Luger. It includes a press and dies, the turret, a #19 shell plate, a powder measure, a large case feeder, and the priming system. It is made in the USA. You should only use the CCI or Remington brand primers with this press. Current Pro Luger Pricing⇒


Barska Spotting Scope Reviews

When hunting or target shooting, accuracy means everything. It can make the difference between a great shot or a total flop. It can make the difference between a good meal or going home empty handed. That is one of the main reasons that people choose to take along a spotting scope. The question is; is it worth having and should you choose one by Barska? Take a moment to look at our Barska spotting scope reviews and you will find your answers.

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What Is a Spotting Scope?

A spotting scope is a small, portable telescope that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. They are often used by people who want to enjoy bird watching, but hunters are also fond of having them on hand because they give a higher quality, closer view of any target area. They can also gather a lot of natural light to ensure you have a clear view of things that are far away, even in lower light situations.

How Are Spotting Scopes Different from Rifle Scopes?

Zoom of a Spotting Scope

Greater Zoom and Field Of View

When it comes to the differences between a spotting scope and a rifle scope, you may first notice that they are more similar than they are different. They have a lot of the same features and all of these features can make or break the quality. You will want to consider the eye relief, the magnification level, and more. The biggest difference between them is the simple fact that a rifle scope attaches to the rifle to give you a view of the target you may be aiming at and a spotting scope will allow you to easily search the area before you take aim with your rifle. This will save you from potentially pointing your rifle in the direction of a person. The spotting scope may also give you a broader viewing area so that you can make sure you are not aiming your rifle into an area that could be dangerous. That is why many hunters choose to carry both the rifle scope and a spotting scope. When observation matters, you can use the spotting scope at a magnification level that will show you everything clearly. When an accurate aim matters most, you can zero in with your rifle scope.

Why Choose Barska?

If you choose a Barska spotting scope, you are guaranteed American made quality. Their goal is to provide quality at an affordable price, no matter what type of product you are hoping to find. They offer high-density optical glass and prisms. Barska offers a variety of coating options and all products can be individualized for certain corporate customers. All of these qualities ensure that people everywhere love Barska and proves why they are popular choices globally. However, if you still want to know more about Barska; you should check out some of what they offer in the spotting scopes below.

Popular Barska Options

Barska Blackhawk Spotter w/Hard Case

Barska Spotting Scope with Tripod and CaseThe Barska Blackhawk spotting scope is available in two colors; green or black. There are also multiple magnification levels available, depending on the amount of power you want for it to have. To further help you see clearly, there are multi-coated optics and a large objective lens. It is able to absorb shocks and reduce glare. Current  Blackhawk Pricing here⇒

Barska Colorado Spotting Scope

Barska Colorado Spotting Scope ReviewThe Barska Colorado spotting scope review proves that quality does come at an affordable price range. It has fully coated optics and a Porro prism system, along with a Large 50mm objective lens. It provides a clear view for up to 150 yards, especially if you use the table tripod for added stability. It also comes with a soft carrying case. Current Colorado Pricing here⇒

Barska 20-60×60 Waterproof Spotting Scope

Waterproof Spotting Scope ReviewThis waterproof spotting scope proves that quality can be found in all weather conditions. It has a very powerful magnification field and a smooth focus knob to make it easy to get a clear view of your surroundings. The optics are fully coated and it holds a steady 4-star rating. Check Waterproof Barska Pricing⇒

Emarth Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope

Emarth Tech Spotting ScopeFor people who would prefer to give other spotting scopes a try, you may like this waterproof scope. This is another value option, yet not the Barska name. It has a zoom of 39 19/1000m. It can go up to a 60x magnification, but most people never need to go that far with it because the scope loses quality at that point. It has multi-coated optics to give you a clear view. Current Emarth Pricing Here⇒


Bore Sighting AR 15 With Laser Bore Sight

One of the most important aspects of all hunting or target shooting endeavors goes beyond the weapon of choice and touches on learning how to zero in a scope. To be successful at hitting your target, you must achieve both having a quality rifle and a quality sight. Most people agree that one of the best guns available is the AR 15. One thing they also seem to agree is on is that bore sighting AR 15 with laser bore sights is also one of the best ways to make it most accurate.

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What Is a Bore Sight?

A boresight is the process of aligning your firearm’s barrel and sights so that zeroing in your rifle’s aim is easier. A bore sighter or scope collimator can save a lot of time when you want to zero in. It has proven itself to be one of the most efficient ways to zero in your rifle, especially if you are using a laser bore sight with a red laser light.

How Do Bore Sights Compare?

Multiple Caliber Bore SightBore sighters are typically divided into two categories. You have optical sighters, which rely on line of sight and laser sighters, which depend on a laser light to show you approximately where your bullet will hit. Either option can save you a lot of time and prevent you from wasting a lot of ammo when zeroing in. Many prefer the lasers since they give a visual clue about where you are in the target area.

When choosing a bore sighter, you may also need to consider the caliber of ammo you plan to use. There are some sighters that work with multiple calibers, but there are also some that only make it easy to zero in if you use one type of ammo.

What Makes an AR15 Bore Sight Unique?

AR 15 In Chamber Bore sSightWhen bore sighting AR 15 rifles, you will encounter a common problem. The AR 15 doesn’t allow you to pull the bolt and look down the bore the way that you can do it with other bolt action rifles. This means you can sight with an optical bore sighter, but it would be way more difficult to do. That is why most AR 15s use the laser. To see what is available for the AR 15, you should take a look at the laser bore sight reviews below.

Top Rated Bore Sights

SightMark Laser Bore Sights with AccuDot Laser

Sightmark Laser Bore SightThis compact 0.223 boresight is designed for fast gun zeroing and sighting. It is reliable for a range of between 15 and 100 yards. The laser wavelength is 632 to 650 nm. It is made of brass and comes with its own carrying pouch. Current SightMark Pricing here⇒


P2M In-Chamber Laser Bore Sight for .223 Rem

In Chamber 223 Laser Bore SightThis red laser light is made with aircraft grade aluminum. It offers precision accuracy and promises to be the fastest gun sighting and zeroing system available at a very affordable price. Overall, it boasts more than 600 reviews and nearly a 4-star rating. Current P2M Pricing here⇒


EconoLed All In One

AR 15 Boresighter ToolIf you have multiple calibers, you may enjoy having this bore sight kit on hand. It has a quick push button activation, can be used with an iron, optical, laser, and holographic sights. You can use it on any 22-50 caliber rifle or pistol and know that it is always going to be accurate. It comes with its own case, tools, adapters, and batteries. Current  EconoLed Pricing⇒


SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

Site Lite Bore Sight For AR 15 RiflesThis mag laser comes with a full lifetime warranty and it is usable with multiple calibers. This set includes a BTS program to print out a laser boresighting target for your particular needs, a SRL scope leveler to help you level your crosshairs first, and a Mauley Crazy DVD. Currnet SiteLite Boresighter Pricing⇒


Rifle Scabbard Backpack Reviews

A downside to carrying your rifle in hand, is that one hand will be holding the rifle or it will be tucked away where you cannot reach it easily. Not anymore. Now, you can purchase a scabbard to keep your hands free while you explore. To see how it works, check out our rifle scabbard backpack reviews.

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Other Colors



Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack rifle scabbardYes4.0$$$$
NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard tactical rifle scabbardYes4.4$
Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack Eberlestock X3 LoDrag PackNo4.7$$$
Tough 1 Deluxe Rifle Scabbard Rifle scabbardNo3.8$$
ZAPT Gunslinger Pack zapt scabbard rifleNo2.8$$

What Is a Rifle Scabbard Backpack?

Tactical Rifle BackpackA rifle scabbard is a sheath for your rifle. They resemble pistol holsters that people wear on their belt. The idea behind them is to protect the weapon yet ensuring it is easily accessible for you. A rifle scabbard backpack uses the same theory, but it is ideal for hikers since it also has a backpackto carry other items along on your hike. This means you can carry your camera, cell phone, ammo,  snacks, ropes, and your knife in your backpack and have your hands free. Best of all, the scabbard will ensure that your gun is tucked safely away, but within easy reach.

Who Would Need a Scabbard Backpack?

A backpack rifle holder is ideal for anyone who ventures into the great outdoors. You can use it when hunting, camping, hiking, kayaking, and more. In every situation where you need a backpack to carry your personal items and would benefit from having your most favorite rifle close by. If not for your own personal use, you can use it to give a gift to someone who loves the great outdoors.

Do They Hold All Gun Types?

A typical scabbard is able to hold a variety of small pistols. You can also choose a saddle rifle scabbard for those who ride horses. The backpack style is typically designed for larger rifles. To give you a clearer idea of what is available, you should check out the scabbards below.

Rifle Carrying Backpack Options

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack

Rifle BackpackThis minimalistic, lightweight, rifle pack allows you to hunt hands-free, but keep your rifle within easy reach. When you aren’t carrying your rifle, you can fold the scabbard and clip it to the bottom of the pack. This turns the scabbard into a large pocket which can also be used (see it here). There are compression straps and side webbing. Most reviewers say that it is large enough to hold a 10 mag, but probably not much more than that. Current Gunrunner Pack Pricing here⇒

VISM by NcStar

This tactical rifle scabbard is designed to be a shoulder carrying case or it can be modular mounted. It has webbing on both sides and six D-rings. There is a retention strap with a quick release buckle and padding around the whole thing. It measures 28.5 inches to fit most rifles. VISM Pricing here⇒NcStar Rifle Scabbard

ZAPT Heavy Duty Gunslinger Pack

Zapt Rifle Carry Case BackpackThis backpack rifle sling is versatile to give you added mobility when on the trails. It gives you rapid access to your firearm and it is able to resist water. It is made of 1000 denier nylon to be durable and usable in combat or hunting environments. Current ZAPT Pricing here⇒

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack

Lo Drag Rifle BackpackIf you want a popular, tactical weapon scabbard, you may love the LoDrag, which closely resembles an X1A1. It has a shape that is unique because it tapers at both the top and bottom so it stays close to your body. It is also compressible and side mounted straps to ensure it fits over your center of gravity. It has PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing and is 22” long. Current X3 Pricing here⇒

Tough-1 Deluxe Rifle Scabbard

Saddle Rifle ScabbardThis leather rifle scabbard is able to work with both lever and bolt action rifles. It has adjustable straps to ensure it attaches securely. You can choose a left or right hand-styled scabbard and it is available in a variety of sizes. See the Tough-1 here⇒

Best Flip Up Iron Sights

Almost everyone knows that an iron sight is as reliable as they come. As long as you can look down the barrel of your rifle and focus on a straight line, you can use it. Once you have an understanding of how to use an iron sight, you will want to find the best one for you’re application. That is why we have gone in search of the best flip up iron sights available so you’ll always be prepared, even if your high end rifle scope were to fail.

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What Makes the Best Flip Up Iron Sight?

There are some features that make one flip up sight better than another. One key feature includes having a sight that is spring loaded to open and close. You should look for sights that are calibrated together to ensure that they match up perfectly between the front and rear. They should also be lightweight to ensure they add no more weight than necessary, especially when used as a backup. You will also want a set that has a low profile when it is closed. This puts it out of the way when using your normal rifle scope.

What Does Backup Iron Sight Mean?

Sights are not foolproof. There will never be a situation that is ideal for every sight. For example, if you have a rifle sight that is battery operated, you may want to look for the best AR flip up sights to help you out in case of a battery failure. If your preferred sight isn’t supposed to fog, but it does, you can choose the best flip up iron sights to get you through. By having a backup iron sight, you can feel confident that no matter what situation you come across, you can still sight your rifle of choice. You can mount one in front of the scope you prefer and the other at the end of your rifle scope.

To help you gain an understanding which site will be the best sight for an AR or any other style scope for that matter, you should take a look at the reviews below. They are all popular choices and usable in any situation.

Top Flip Up Sights

Magpul Industries MBUS Generation II Sight Set

Magpull backup Rifle sightOne of the best flip up sights is the Generation II. It is impact resistant and lightweight. It is spring loaded and all you have to do is press the top to release the sights. It has protective wing shields and both are to be mounted on the same plane. It works on Picatinny and the STANAG railed hand guard. More On Magpul⇒

Dagger Defense Tactical Flip Up BUIS Picatinny Rail Mounted Backup Iron Sights

Dagger Defense Flip Up Iron SightThis is a Picatinny rail mounted BUIS that is made of aluminum alloy. It has a black matte finish and spring loaded flip action. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a backup for their red dot sights. More On Dagger Defense⇒


Flip Up Backup Battle Sights by Ozark Armament

Ozark Arment Back Up Iron SightsThis backup sight is also considered to be one of the best iron sights available. It is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation. It is ideal for the Standard AR Optics when flipped up, but out of the way when down. It has precision and CQB apertures on the rear sight standard AR. More On Ozark Armament⇒


AR Tactical Flip Up Front and Rear Iron Sights Set

Flip Up Iron Sights Spring LoadedThis is a square shaped A2 type Mil Spec. It is made using premium, aircraft grade, aluminum. They are calibrated and matched together as a set. The rear sight has a windage adjustment and the front sight has A2 post elevation adjustments. More On AR Tactical⇒

How to Use & Sight In Iron Sights

You have a lot of choices when it comes to rifle sights. Choosing the right one for you, may not be easy. New sights/scopes have a lot of features that make them easier to use. They are even able to show you targets when there is not much light available. However, many people still prefer to use iron sights because they are tried and true. They are accurate and easy. There are many articles out there about newer sights, but about the traditional sights? We want to enlighten you and tell you how to use and sight in iron sights to ensure you have an accurate aim without spending a lot of money.

How Accurate Are Iron Sights?

Iron Sight For RifleWhen accuracy matters, many people choose a telescoping or optical sight. These people are often hunting. In situations where you are target shooting, or controlling wild game an iron sight should be adequate. Available are “closed sights” and “open sights.” To use them, you look down the barrel of your rifle, often there are two parts to the iron sight. One is the eyepiece and the other is a little spike on the end of the barrel. To aim, you line up those two items and fire. Your accuracy from there will depend on how well you have done adjusting iron sights. That is why it is very important that you find out how to use iron sights.

How Long Does It Take To Sight In Iron Sights?

Learning how to zero iron sights does not take long and the more you do it, the faster the process will become. However, you must first find the mechanical zero. Usually, this involves rotating the front and rear sights so that the post is flush with your sight. Some guns come with this done and others are at least somewhat close to zero when you purchase them.

How To Sight In Iron SightsAfter that is done, you will want to take aim and fire five shots at a target from approximately 25 yards away. They should all be grouped together, but you will want to discover the central, vertical, and horizontal lines to determine where your sight needs to be. To adjust your site to the left, turn the windage knob to the left. To go right with your aim, turn it to the right. This is a lot easier than the newer sights.

Does Sighting In Iron Sights Depend On The Rifle?

When learning about the iron sight, you may wonder if there is a difference in how to sight in iron sights on this gun or that gun. The truth is, all guns are virtually the same when it comes to sighting iron sights. Some gun barrels are longer or shorter and this may make it easier to handle, but the way you sight it in and aim is more dependent on your line of sight. As long as you can line up the eye area with the barrel of your gun and the target, you can aim true.

Air Rifle Scope & Camera Reviews

Most people understand that the quality of your gun depends strongly on the quality of your scope that you are using. The same is true for air rifles. That is why we have come up with our favorite choices for this type of scope based on owners air rifle scope reviews. Perhaps it will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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What Makes An Air Rifle Scope Different?

Air Rifle Scope MountOne of the major differences for a rifle scope and an air rifle scope stems from the gun itself. All gun types, regardless of whether they are long range, short range, or hunting rifles have a recoil that pushes the gun back against the shooter. Air rifles also have a recoil to them, even though most people do not talk about it much. It recoils differently, though. The air rifle will recoil forward, away from the shooter. When looking at scopes, you need to purchase a scope that can handle the recoil change. This means that the scopes available today are not interchangeable between one rifle gun type and the air rifle.

Difference Between Air Rifles and Air Soft Guns

An air rifle is a much more powerful gun than the airsoft. This means that the scopes for them do not need to be made of the same type of inner workings. The air rifle scope is designed to withstand the vibration and a double recoil that comes from an air rifle.

Why Have a Camera on Your Air Rifle?

Air Soft Rifle CameraIt is shocking to some people to realize that one of the most common accessories for an air rifle is the air rifle scope camera mount. There are some people who feel that it is just something cool to add on and others feel that it can make sighting an air rifle easier because you will be able to see how the bullet reacts when you pull the trigger.

If you are interested in learning more about scopes for airguns, you will want to check out our air rifle scope reviews. These can show you various options and what type of air rifle they are designed to work with.

Compatible Air Rifle Scopes

CVLIFE Tactical 3-9×40 Optics RV Reticle Crosshair Air Sniper Hunting Scope

CVLifeThis air rifle scope has a length of 12.20 and magnification level of 3-9x. It is large, but will not weigh you down at only 1 pound. It comes with everything you need to mount it. More On CVLIFE Tactical⇒


UTG 4×32 1” Hunter Scope

Specialty Air Rifle ScopeIf you like clarity, you will love this nitrogen filled air gun scope. It is wear resistant and features finger adjustable turrets. There is also a front sunshade to further keep your sights clear. More On UTG⇒

Hammers 3-9x40AO Magnum Spring Air Gun Scope & Mount

Hammers Air Gun ScopeThis air gun scope uses a one-piece mount to attach to your rifle. The one-piece mount has a stop pin that keeps it in place during a recoil. The magnification on this scope is strong enough to allow you to focus as close as 5 yards away. More On Hammers Magnum⇒

Orion 5338 SteadyPix Camera Mount

Air Soft Rifle CameraWhen it comes time for you to mount a camera on your air gun, you will like this mount. It can hold most cameras that have a 1.25” to 2-inch telescope eyepiece. You can use it with point-and-shoot cameras or SLR and DSLR cameras. More On Orion Camera Mount⇒

Most Expensive Rifle Scope-Top 3

There are a lot of rifle scopes available. Each of them have unique features that set them apart from all others. Some of them cost an outrageous fortune, but many people say that quality costs. They say if you want a good, very accurate scope, you will spend the most money you can. On the flip side there are those looking for the best rifle scope for the money. If you are a person who loves quality, you should check out our list of the most expensive rifle scope available to see if they have the features that you truly want and find out whether they are really worth it to you.

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Unique Features of Our Top 3 More Expensive Rifle Scopes

Many of the more expensive scopes are designed to be extremely accurate. That is why many of them, including our most favorite top 3 are only available to the people who live inside of the US. They are backed by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and by purchasing you have to agree to the fact that you are an American and that you will not send it to other countries for resale.

Armasight Thermal Imaging rifle ScopeThese more expensive scopes are usually designed well enough to be used by our military and law enforcement officials. They may make use of thermal imaging like the Armasight Zeus 336 or battery-free illumination based on the light that is available at any given moment like the Trijicon TA31-ECOS ACOG. Both of these examples use superior glass lenses to outperform most all other rifle scopes.

More expense also means that they are much more accurate than all other scopes, even some of the other expensive ones available. That is why our top 3 choices are the most popular choice for people who feel that quality matters more than price and choose a more expensive rifle scope.

To help you gain more insight into why some of the best scope brands are popular, even though they are not going to come cheap, you should check out our top 3.

Most Expensive Scope List

FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight

Flir System Most Expensive Rifle ScopeThis rifle scope offers the ThermoSight 640×480 site spectrum. Most people state that it is so clear that you do not feel as though you are looking through a scope. The glass is barely there and the imagery you see is unbeatable; so you can take aim on any target area. It features dual control modes and an adjustable field of view using a long-wave thermal imaging sensor and an inline design. With this scope, you can see objects, even in total darkness. You can also see through smoke, dust storms, and other possible obstructions. As an added bonus for some, even though there is illumination within the scope, it will not illuminate you in any way, which will allow you to be cloaked in darkness when aiming or firing. For this reason, it is the most expensive scope on our top 3 list. More On FLIR Systems⇒

Armasight Zeus 336

Armasight Expensive Rifle Scope ChoiceThis outstanding scope, aims to show you what will make an excellent choice in scopes. It is a high-performance thermal imaging camera that will fit any Picatinny MIL STD 1913 or Weaver rail. It has an external power supply and can record video. The specs on it include a magnification of 3-12×42 (30 Hz) on the thermal imaging and the FLIR Tau 2-336×256 (17 micron 30Hz core). All of this is alongside a 42mm lens. More On Armasight Zeus⇒

Trijicon TA31-ECOS ACOG

Trijicon Top Rifle ScopeIf you want quality and you are tired of asking how to pick a scope, you should check out this scope that has everything you could hope for in one. It is a 4 x 32 Flat Dark Earth scope that features a dual illumination crosshair reticle with 3.25 MOA RMR Sight. No battery is required for the illumination due to the tritium/fiber optic illumination that will use the available light to show you clear images, even if you are aiming with both eyes open. It is calibrated for 5.56 (.223 cal) to flattop rifles out to 1,000 meters. Most owners say that it is extremely clear, that it definitely meets or exceeds all of their expectations as far as durability. The bullet drop calibration is right on, even after thousands of rounds have been fired off by them and most say that it is the best investment they ever made. More On Trijicon⇒

Best Scope for 300 Blackout

If you enjoy shooting and want a gun that does not recoil as hard as most, you may want to consider the 300 Blackout. You can shoot quietly and aim accurately, even if you are shooting something that is a far distance. With that, you need a scope that provides a clear view of what your target may be. With a 300 Blackout, you have a select few that are truly impressive. These are popular choices for the best scope for 300 blackout based on performance and user rating.

What is a 300 Blackout?

The 300 AAC Blackout is also known as the 300 BLK. It is a rifle cartridge that is developed in the United States. It is designed to be used in the M4 carbine. It uses standard AR-15 magazines and by design it is supposed to provide a reliable, compact 30-caliber solution within the AR platform. It also provides very little recoil and promises to be lightweight and durable. One very impressive feature is the way that you can make it virtually silent.

What Makes A 300 Blackout Special?

The best thing about this gun is that it uses a variety of bullets. It can use both subsonic and supersonic bullets, but still manage to keep the ammunition affordable. These guns can also make use of a suppressor and most parts are easy to find if your gun become damaged since they use standard M16 parts.

In short, this provides you with a powerful weapon that ensures you can hit your target. With the suppressor it can become almost completely quiet.

Is A 300 Blackout the Best Gun for You?

This gun can perform well at both long range and closer targets. It is ideal for hunting, but can be used for a tactical rifle as well. However, most people do use it for hunting because of its power and the ability to silence it. All you really need is a good 300 Blackout scope and you should be able to get a clear shot at any target you are after.

If you are curious about which scope may be the best scope for 300 Blackout, you can check out the scopes listed below. They are all popular choices for people who love the 300 Blackout.

Top Rated 300 Blackout Scope Choices

Leupold 113594 Mark 4 MR/T

Scope For 300 BlackoutThe Leupold 300 blackout is a 20 millimeter illuminated rifle scope that provides 5x magnification. It has M2 windage and elevation knobs. It compensates for bullet drop, offers a wide field of view whether you are using high or low magnification. The main tube is 30 millimeters to give you increased range and the upper receiver gives you space for accessories that you may want to add. More On Leupold Mark 4⇒

Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope

Nikon P 300 Blackout ScopeThis scope makes use of the BDC SuperSub which is new and designed for subsonic as well as supersonic ammunition. It features multicoated optics to give you the best light transmission and brightness available. It has a quick focus eyepiece that allows you to instantly bring your target into focus. Adjusting is also easy thanks to spring loaded instant zero reset turrets. If you are in search of a 300 BLK scope, this could be the perfect one for you. More On Nikon P-300⇒


EOTech Transverse Red Dot Sight

EO Tech 300 Blackout ScopeThis 300 blackout optics scope is a Circle-2-Dot scope. It is submersible to up to 10 ft. Its mount is a 1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail. It gives you the ability to return to zero and it is repeatable to within 1 MOA after remounting. It is powered by a 123 Lithium Ion battery. More On EOTech⇒


Trijicon ACOG

Trijicon 300 BLK ScopeThis scope is specifically designed for the 300 AAC Blackout reticle. It is powered by Trijicon’s patented fiber optics and tritium based technology. It does not use batteries, but it is still illuminated. It does have a ballistic drop compensator that works with both supersonic and subsonic rounds. With this scope, you can use both eyes when you are aiming. More On Trijicon⇒

Popular 300 Blackout Rifle Scope Options

How to Zero a Scope

If you have ever owned a rifle and used a scope, you have most likely heard the term “zero the scope”. For people that are new to the world of rifles and hunting, you may be curious about what it means. Others may simply need help to perfect it, especially if they feel that they have to work hard to compensate for their rifle not being accurate or those that miss more targets than they hit. In all cases, you will have to learn how to zero a scope.

What Does Zeroing a Scope Mean?

All bullets arc slightly, which means that from the time they leave your rifle to when they hit the target, they will drop as their speed decreases and gravity pushes them down. There is nothing that you can do about that. When you zero a scope, you will choose targets that are a set distance from you. You take aim and shoot. If the bullet does not hit dead center, you will want to adjust your scope up or down and maybe even side to side. Your next bullet should hit closer to the target center.Zero In Target

The idea of zeroing is to ensure that you do not have to work hard to compensate for the arc. The scope should do it naturally so that when your bullet strikes the target, it goes where you want for it to. You want to look through the scope and take aim at the center of the target. If, after you fire, your bullet hits dead center, you have zeroed your scope as much as possible for that range. That is often why you may hear people say that they are “zeroed in to 150 yards.” All this means is that their point of aim and the point of impact is the same over 150 yards.

Tricks to Make Zeroing In A Rifle Easier

100 Yard Zero In ScopeMost scopes can be zeroed in with only two or three steps, depending on how much help you have from a friend. Most people hear about the three step method when they ask, “How to zero a rifle scope.” It entails aiming at the target and firing off three shots, then adjusting your scope to zero in on the area between the three hits. By doing this, you can zero in on that area as opposed to the bullseye.

If you are curious from there about how to sight in a scope within two shots, this is where you will need a friend. You aim first at your target’s center and take the shot. Chances are good, it will not be exact if you are not zeroed in already. Have a friend adjust while you look through the scope. Put the crosshairs dead center of where the bullet made contact. Then take aim on the bullseye again and your aim should be accurate and hit dead center.

Are There Any Tools that Make Zeroing A Scope Easier?

BoresightWhen asking how to zero in a scope, many people want to know if there are tools that can make it easier to do.  The good news is, there are a couple different options. One tool you may use is the target you aim at. Some bullseye targets for sighting have measurements and such to tell you how much you should adjust if you hit in a certain area based on the clicks to get it more accurate. If you need something a little more exact, you may want to consider using a bore sight. This can make it very quick and easy to do.

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