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List of The Top Rifle Scope Manufacturers

Bushnell Guarantee

Bushnell Guarantee

When considering a rifle scope, you will gain a lot by sticking with manufacturers who have already proven that they can give you an accurate scope. However, it is not always easy to tell which manufacturer makes the best based on their name. This is because there are so many scope manufacturers on the market and all of them claim that they are best. To help you out; here is a little information about some of the most popular rifle scope manufacturers and why they have earned their name.

Top Scope Manufacturers

NikonNikon Prostaff 9 X 40 Review

Nikon has been creating optical products for more than 90 years. They provide scopes that have an ideal balance of light transmission, resolution, and aberration-free, sharp images. In fact, their rifle scopes were the first to reach a level of 95% light transmission. They have a huge selection of rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, field scopes, and rangefinders. Outside of hunting, they are a company that is well-known for creating quality cameras and many other products. They are available in a variety of price ranges to meet the needs of every outdoorsman and quality does not have to just be yours when you choose high end scopes. According to Nikon scopes reviews, one of the most popular scopes available is the Nikon M-308 or the Prostaff. Everyone says that it is a great long range rifle scope because of its oversized lens and large magnification range. Nikon Rifle Scopes Available⇒

Leupold Rimfire ScopeLeupold

The Leupold scopes started out as a failed shot at a deer, or that is what the rumors say at least. It was blamed on a foggy lens and the disappointed hunter claimed he would build a better rifle scope based on his love of hunting and past experiences. In 1947, Leupold built the Plainsman scope and it is still noteworthy because it was the first fog proof scope that was built in the United States. Since then, they have created many tactical rifle scopes. Reviews show that the most popular of the Leupold tactical scopes is the VX-1 Rimfire Scope or the VX-2. Leupold Rifle Scopes Available⇒


Bushnell Elite Tactical ScopeBushnell promises affordable scopes and quality product. It is something they have tried to achieve for more than 65 years. They create GPS devices, night vision devices, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, trail cameras, and more. Their best tactical scope is the Elite Tactical SMRS or the HDMR. They do also make AR Optics scopes like the AR Optics Drop Zone, which reviews show is beautifully designed and extremely durable. Bushnell Scopes Available⇒

UTG Bug Buster Rifle ScopeUTG

UTG is a part of the Leapers company, which started out a business that was based in a garage. Over two decades later, they are recognized as being one of the best scope manufacturers around. This single company provides hunters and outdoorsmen with everything they need including, flashlights, lasers, gun cases, tactical armor, paintball accessories, mounting systems and several optics for a wide range of guns. One of their most popular is the BugBuster. However, they have a lot of popular scope choices from tactical to long range, and short range. UTG Scopes Available⇒

Nikon P 223 Review

When it comes to quality products, Nikon is one of the top of the manufacturers not just of cameras and lenses but also of scopes for rifles. If you are not familiar with Nikon taking a dip in the rifle scope business, well you found the right article to review one of the most favored rifle scopes on the market, the p-223 3-9×40 bdc 600. This nikon p 223 review is a full review of how Nikon fares in the industry of rifle scopes.

To give you a quick look at the Nikon rifle scope here is what you should know about this product:

Nikon P 233 Product Details

Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope ReviewWeight: 1.1 pounds

Size: 4 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches

Made in China

Waterproof/Fogproof-Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed

Generous, Consistent Eye Relief-Keeps

100 yard parallax setting


  1. Elegant Looking – Its simplicity is one of its best features. It looks good on any rifle. For a long range scope, this is perfect to be installed in any compatible rifle.
  2. Easy Adjustable Knobs – The knobs can be easily adjusted to let you focus on the target. When it comes to adjusting reticles in a range, it is okay to take your time adjusting the knobs. But when you are in a field or in a timed shooting competition, you need to be quickly adjusting your focus. You need to correct your aim for precise shooting. The knobs are quite responsive and will definitely be advantageous for fast adjustment settings in the field.
  3. Affordable Price – There is actually no need to buy those $1000 optics if you can get hold of an affordable scope from a trusted manufacturer like Nikon. They have been in the business for quite some time and they have not disappointed users with the function of their scopes. What makes this affordable is that it is made in China. Although made in China, the Nikon P-223 is rigorously tested proving its worthiness in the field.
  4. Spot on Ballistic Technology – It allows many to find the target easier. This is great for hunting moving targets. It is great to take during the open season.
  5. Durability – It is waterproof. It is fog proof and nitrogen filled. Although this is a common feature of most scopes nowadays the Nikon p233 never failed to amaze us when we used it in rainy conditions. It doesn’t look tough like other sophisticated and high end scopes but it is tough as hell. It is great to use under normal conditions and it performs well in all kinds of weather as well.
  6. Parallax setting is amazing – With other scopes the parallax is not really eliminated after a couple of yards, say 50 yards. But with the Nikon p223 the parallax setting is eliminated even past 100 yards. This is definitely great for long range shooting accuracy.
  7. Lifetime Warranty – Definitely one of the reasons why you should buy any product. If a product is backed up by lifetime support and warranty, this definitely is a quality product that you should consider investing your money in.


  1. BDC Circles are really small – We expected them to be small but they are really, really small which can be a factor in accuracy shooting. The dots and hashes on the scope are fairly important in target shooting and with this scope, the BDC circles might cause a problem.
  2. Too simplistic of a design – This might be a good thing for others but this can also be something which can put off others from buying it. There are no complicated knobs or adjustments. Definitely not a one of the high tech scopes but is up to par with other basic scopes for shooting.

Who Should Buy The P 233 Rifle Scope?

If you are looking for a simple looking scope this is for you. Reading over a Nikon p 223 review, you will discover that AR rifles are popular fir for this scope.

The Nikon p223 3x9x40 gives the best features regularly available from Nikon, such as ultra clear optics. The 98% light translation doesn’t hurt either. Also, only Nikon uses its patented BDC 600 open circle aiming points.

Another thing you can definitely appreciate is the zero reset turret and this is unique to the Nikon rifle sight and once you get used to it you will wonder how you lived without it.

Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope

Why Buy The p-223 3-9×40 bdc 600?

Buy it because it is affordable. For a scope that is priced very reasonably, you still need a good reason to shell out that amount of money.

Of course you will have to have good optics. That is the main point of having a good scope for your rifle. With 98% light transformation, Nikon might be one of the best in the business. Then, you also have amazing eye relief. With eye relief, you can switch to the highest magnification and not be worry about eye stress.

Plus, it has a lifetime warranty which means it is a trusted product manufactured by a trusted brand.

Overall Nikon P 223 Impact

It is pretty impressive! Since this a Nikon p 223 review, you can pretty much expect certain performances just from the name of the brand. Nikon is universally loved for its 98% light translation. Like all the products from Nikon, you can rest assured that the optics will be great.

What we love about this product though is Nikon’s Spot-on Ballistic Match Technology. This feature allows you to find all of the aiming points on the BDC 600 reticle for your ammunition and load.

Ease of use, amazing optics, top of the line aiming technology, this is what the Owner Reviews Say⇒

Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Review

Are you in search for the perfect Nikon scope that will not just look good on your rifle but also have the basic functions you need for magnifying your target for a better view? Looking for a nitrogen filled waterproof scope that is lightweight? The nikon prostaff bdc might just be the perfect scope for you. This nikon prostaff 3-9×40 bdc review is our two cents on this affordable yet quality rifle scope.

Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 poundNikon Prostaff 9 X 40 Review
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Actual magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Eye relief: 3.6 inches
  • Parallax setting: 100 yards


  1. Finish – The Matte black finish is just perfect companion to any rifle. The design is quite simple and classic that it looks like an old school scope used in World War 2. But do not underestimate its functionality to how simple it looks. It is definitely durable and extreme coil resistant.
  2. Quick Focus – The glass is very sharp and bright which allows you to quickly focus.
  3. Weight – You practically won’t feel the added weight on your rifle. It just fits right and the added weight is light. Very good for fast shooting. At 7.2 ounces, it is a great accessory to your AR15.
  4. Easy to Install – This scope can be easily installed in your rifle in no time. Although bulky, the scope will fit well with the right rings.
  5. Price – It’s very affordable for a Nikon scope. It is a great bang for the buck. Sniper scopes with these functionalities are worth a lot more than the nikon prostaff bdc.
  6. Firm clicks – When adjusting the knobs, you easily can click it towards accuracy. Other scopes feel too tight or to soft when adjusting the focus or the knobs, this is great for shooters who need to do a quick adjustment.
  7. Online program – What’s good about the after sales support is the online platform from Nikon which allows the shooter to print out the BDC for your specific rifle, MFD round and zero sight in distance. It gave us more confidence in pulling the trigger knowing that one will hit the target.
  8. Exceptional eye relief – Another feature that makes this an awesome buy is its exceptional eye relief. It has an amazing amount of eye relief with 3.6 cms. The Eye relief should give you enough space to stay on sight for longer periods of time.
  9. Lifetime Warranty – Finally, we cannot stress this enough, you get a lifetime warranty. With all of the amazing features, durable design, state of the art technology and just pure value for money, this may just be the last rifle scope you will buy.


  1. Scope caps – The scope caps serve its basic function but adds no value to style. You have to totally take off the caps and keep them in your bag. You can’t just flip it up and then flip it down when the scope is not in use. Compared to other scopes, this is one of the things which make it less appealing.
  2. Large scope – You probably will need higher scope rings so that you can install it in your rifle properly. It can be a little bit bulkier than expected. The size chart is actually inaccurate which probably will make you be surprised once you receive this through mail.

Who Should Buy Nikon Prostaff

Prostaff by Nikon ReviewThe Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40 is a highly recommended for shooters who are into classic looking scopes. Usually these types of scopes will be expensive but surprisingly the Nikon scope is very affordable. It is recommended for collectors of older rifle models. If you are tight on your budget, this is definitely the product that you should choose over those $2000 mid range sniper scopes. If you are a beginner in shooting, this is definitely a good entry level long range scope for you.

This is recommended for people who shoot for recreation. You can purchase high end expensive scopes but we doubt you will take it with you every time you go shooting. For an alternative scope, this Nikon scope is ideal for you

Why Buy The Prostaff 3-9×40

The Prostaffer is perhaps one of the best buys for the money. There is definite value to this item. For its price, you can get state of the art technology from Nikon. You cannot find a more pristine view than the Nikon prostaff BDC. The Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40 provides everything you can ever ask for in a sniper scope. First, you get Nikon’s patented muti-coat optical systems and their adjustment technology. Hunters have always loved the Nikon Prostaff BDC unique ballistic circle that allows a shooter a maximum range that they would have thought impossible. If you are a bit old school, you can still go back to the normal sight’s cross hairs. But perhaps our favorite feature that is unique to this Nikon prostaff bdc is its zero reset turret. You can now adjust in the field with a spring loaded adjustment knob and get back to zero ready to re-engage.Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope Review

Overall Impact

This scope does not disappoint! Why the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 is the best can be summed up in two words, “Lifetime Warranty”. This is not to say that you can expect to use the warranty. It is just a good testament of the company’s pride. Nikon makes a lot of great products and the Nikon Prostadd 3x9x40 will not disappoint.

It is not often you will find a rifle scope with a lifetime warranty because a lot can happen in an afternoon of hunting. It is even harder to find a lifetime warranty on a scope that brags of a 98% light transmission. Sure, this Nikon Prostaff BDC is big and bulky for a sniper scope but we all know that great things come in big packages.

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