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Vortex 3X Magnifier Review

When shooting long range, it is not always easy to aim accurately. This is why having a good scope on your rifle can help. They bring the target that is, “over there” closer to you so that you can take aim and fire without giving your position away. This is especially useful for hunters. The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier promises to be an excellent choice that will work well with virtually any long range rifle setup you may have. Is it the right one for you?

Vortex VMX-3T 3X Magnifier

What The Vortex 3X Offers

This simple to use scope is fast and effective at bringing distant targets into view. It can magnify AR-height red dots up to 3x to make them easier to see. This is great news for anyone who does not want to struggle to see that tiny little red dot, but wants to ensure they hit their target. Add to that the fact that the flip mount engages and disengages when you push a button so that it can lock in place.Vortex VMX Red Dot Scope

It has been internally purged and filled with nitrogen to ensure that it is 100% waterproof. This also means that it is fog proof so that you can use it easily without worry over what the weather will be. To further this protection there are waterproof O-ring seals on it. This not only prevents moisture, but also prevents dust and other debris.

This magnifier is lightweight and tough. It is made with machined aluminum that has been hard coat anodized. It weighs only 11.9 ounces so that you do not feel weighed down by your gun and the Vortex 3X magnifier. To further increase your comfort it has a 3 1/4 inch eye relief.

It provides fully multi-coated optics so that light transmission is always clear. The VMX increases light transmission using multiple anti-reflective coatings on all of its air to glass surfaces within the 30mm tube.

The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier with flip mount is perfect for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights. This makes it very good at increasing the effectiveness of their red dot sight’s range. There is also a focus adjustment to ensure you see it clearly when it is magnified.

Compatible Sights

According to the Vortex VMX-3T review that others have left, this magnifier works well with a variety of setups. There are people who use it with their Eotech, their Vortex Strikefire, the AR-15, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic, and many more. The type of gun it will fit on is virtually any rifle that has a longer style barrel on it. Some people have even used it on a 5 inch rail.

What Others Think About Vortex Optics

Most of the people who have already purchased the Vortex 3X feel that it is an excellent value that is still comparable to other high quality magnifiers on the market. Owners state that it works, whether they use their left hand or right hand to fire and that it stays zeroed in no matter how many rounds they fire off.

The biggest issue that people have with it is that the eye relief is difficult to get used to. They say that you have to be right on the scope lens in order to get a full view of your target area. A few people do not like that it is made in China rather than the USA. Some say that after about 200 yards, it is not as clear as they had hoped it would be. There are some who say that the flip to right is wrong because that puts it right in your vision path. Mounting it backward so that it flips left makes things awkward, but through it all, most people with negative thoughts about it, still claim that it is a great magnifier that simply needs a few tweaks.

Is The VMX-3T Worth Trying?

Overall, most users and reviews for this 3X magnifier are delighted with it. Most of them use it when target shooting on the range and say that it is good for them up to 300 yards. It is a lot cheaper than other magnifiers of the same quality. However, it is not a perfect magnifier for everyone. If you feel the eye relief or the mounting style of it will be a big problem for you, you may want to consider other options. For most people, these are minor inconveniences that they are willing to work around to save money and therefore they are happy they purchased the Vortex VMX-3T. Maybe you will be happy with it as well. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒

Night Vision Scope Reviews

When it comes to shooting or hunting in the dark, the definite solution is a night vision scope. Never miss a shot at night with night vision optics. But is a night vision scope really a good investment? Why not just use your regular rifle scope for night hunting? This article is a review on why night vision scopes are needed for night hunting, how different they are from regular scopes and what makes night vision optics advantageous to hitting your target at night.

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How is a night vision scope different than a regular scope?

A night vision scope is an optoelectronic scope that allows images to be produced in very low light conditions. The images that you see on the optics can be a conversion from visible light to near infrared. The image that you see is a monochrome shade of green. These types of scopes are usually used by law enforcement officers and military, and some civilians own night vision scopes as well.

What makes a night vision work?

Night vision works in different methods. It can use low light imaging, thermal imaging or near infrared illumination.

Image intensifiers amplify the available light in the surroundings to achieve better vision at night. What the objective lens does is to focus photons on the photocathode of an image intensifier. The light energy releases electrons which accelerate and intensify the original version of an image. This type of scope is best at low-light levels but disadvantageous to totally dark shooting applications since you need some light required. Optics with this technology is more affordable compared to other night scopes which use either thermal imaging or near infrared illumination technology.

How accurate is the night vision?

Night vision scopes can be as accurate as they can realistically be. Of course you can never compare the image clarity when you use an ordinary scope in the day. But the technology that we have today in night vision optics has come a long way which makes accuracy even at 99.9%. The intensifiers, magnifications, lenses and the adjusters are definitely state of the art and provide the clearest and most accurate possible sight that you will get at night.

Who Are These for? The most common applications for the night scopes are for military, tactical, night hunting, security and even for civilians who have pests and varmints lurking around their farms at night that destroy their produce.

Here is a list of reliable, affordable and go to night visions scopes for both beginners and professionals alike:

Top Night Vision Options

Orion Predator H30 Red or Green 273 yards Affordable Option

This night hunting light is a great accessory to make your ordinary hunting scope function as a night scope. It can reach up to 273 yards of bright green beam to help you see at night. The latest Cree xp-e2 green LED light lets hard to see targets easily spotted at night. The light is sturdy, waterproof and military grade for durability and reliability. It is very affordable which is great for beginners and those who have varmints in their farms like hogs or foxes. It comes with a 10 year warranty service. This night hunting flashlight is a great alternative for those who do not want to spend too much money on night vision scopes.Night Vision Scope Light

Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Yukon Night vision rifle scope is a lightweight, durable and reliable night scope recommended for beginner night hunters, tactical ops and law enforcement. It features a multi-coated optics, adjustable lit red on green reticle and precision wind and elevation adjustment. The 45mm eye relief on this scope is very much needed for better and relaxed vision at night. This scope is dubbed as the varmint hunter by homeowners because of its clear sight and magnification in low light conditions. This is an affordable night vision scope which is without question a good investment to get rid of those varmints. Read More On Yukon Here⇒Yukon NVRS Night Vision Scope

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope

This is one of the “go to” scopes of professionals. This is not just a varmint hunter but can be used in any night hunting needs. You can easily spot a target which is 200 yards away. With no moon and just a few stars, the scope can still give you clear and bright illumination as compared to other scopes. The adjustments on this scope can hold zero with no problem at all. You can use it with or without the IR assistance but still give you a clear line of sight on targets 200 yards below. The one downside is the weight. It significantly adds weight to your rifle but unquestionable one of the best night scopes for long range night applications. Read More On The Armasight Here⇒Armasight Vampire Night Vision

Monstrum Tactical S330P 3x Ultra-Compact Prism

If the Armasight is for your long range night shooting, this Monstrum is great for short range to mid range night shooting. It is a compact and yet heavy duty night scope that can give you 3x magnification with its objective lens. It is commonly used for fast paced mid range shooting. Although it is compact it can still give you a good sight for targets which are 500 yards away. It features a crystal clear optics with red, green or blue illumination and multiple brightness levels. It only weighs 15 ounces and is 5 inches in length which makes it compact enough and light enough to be mounted on a heavy mid range rifle. Read More On Monstrum Here⇒Monstrum Tactical Night Vision Scope

ATN DGWSXS518A 5-18X X-Sight Night Vision Scope

If you want technology in a scope, this is the scope for you. This ATN night vision scope has Wi-Fi, GPS, Geo-tagging, E-Compass, Velocity, Altitude, Video and still images recording. Most certainly a state of the art hunting scope, this optics is built for the serious night time hunter. Either looking for varmints or suppressing an enemy, this ATN will never fail you. The technology in this scope is worth a couple of thousand dollars but surprisingly it cost only a couple of hundreds. The functionality on this scope can be overwhelming for a beginner but is great for avid enthusiasts. This scope is worth a further Read More Here⇒ATN Night Vision Scope Review


More Night Vision Scopes

UTG Bug Buster Review

Back in the day when marksmanship was a growing activity, iron sights were the best that could be done in terms of assisting shooters with refining their aim. While this has come to be viewed as a true art form that requires a great deal of skill, experience and expertise, the simple fact is that conditions of the modern battlefield or hunting environment are no longer constrained to such intricate but baseline systems. Enter modern tactical scopes, which are many and varied to the point that it might be tricky to choose between them. For example, consider the UTG 3-9×32 Compact CQB Bug Buster. Equipped with the current range of UTG optics, the Bug Buster is a durable scope that shows off what modern scopes are made of, literally and figuratively.

UTG Bug Buster Rifle Scope


Price Point and Value

  • The UTG Bug Buster is a good value for money, which is a vanishingly rare occurrence in this age of flash but no bang for the buck. While not as powerful as some scopes on the market, the UTG 3-9×32 Compact CQB Bug Buster is nevertheless comparatively cheap, and manages to match its more modest price tag with a hefty bunch of features and solid performance. It’s an even better value when you shop around and find a retailer offering free shipping.


  • The much-ballyhooed True Strength/TS Platform is not undeserving of its acclaim – this signature platform delivers long-term reliability, and pairs that with an impressive Smart Spherical Structure (SSS) that manages the interaction between the inner and outer tubes of the scope. All put together, this results in a constantly and consistently fine-tuned scope.
  • In addition to that, the UTG 3-9×32 Compact CQB Bug Buster has shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof aspects built right into its design. People rarely if ever use scopes for firearms in a totally cushy environment, after all, and the possibility of dropping, burying, kicking and other routine punishment inflicted on equipment has clearly been anticipated and headed off at the pass. The UTG optics in the scope are sure to be protected and reliable no matter the rugged conditions of the campaign.

Optics design

  • The aforementioned optics of the UTG 3-9×32 Compact CQB Bug Buster give one inch of view room, and the lens is emerald-coated for increased clarity. The signature design of the piece allows for maximum light transmission.
  • The scope is adjustable, with features like zero lockable target turrets and a premium zero reset table. A ¼ MOA per click adjustment rate allows for precise, consistent and sharp adjustments for the turret. On top of all that, optimal shooting is all but guaranteed by the range-estimating mil-dot reticle. Even the objective lens is adjustable, from 3 yards to infinity. This offers a possible parallax-free view, which is sure to be beneficial for a variety of purposes. Finally, the scope is sealed and 100% nitrogen-filled, making sure the only changes are the ones you want implemented and not due to equipment variation.
  • An illuminated scope like the UTG 3-9×32 Compact CQB Bug Buster raises expectations, but it delivers with two illumination features. You can enable either red illumination or green illumination as the conditions demand, which is already a 100% improvement on scopes that only offer green. This allows the UTG Bug Buster to be versatile and responsive to different types of light and weather conditions, perfect for an AR-15.
  • The magnification range of the UTG Bug Buster is also noteworthy, as it is suitable for the scope of a .22; for the competitive price you pay it’s also refreshing to get notably sharp and clear UTG optics rather than see corners cut for one of the most valuable parts of the gear.

Bug Buster Accessories

  • For such a comparatively cheap unit, it comes with a surprising amount of extra bits – you have flip-open lens caps, of course, but you also get a pair of 15mm-height Max Strength mounting rings with lever locks – and a 2-inch sunshade on top of that. None of this would excuse poor performance, of course, but with such a solid promised performance all this becomes icing on an already-excellent cake.

UTG Bug Buster Rifle Scope Review

On the whole, the price to performance ratio of the UTG 3-9×32 make it an absolutely ideal choice for a variety of users. The crystal clear view, durable and high-tech construction, and excellent scope and UTG optics features really make it sing, and all for a price that successfully undercuts the pricier options on the market.

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Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic Review

When using a rifle, or any firearm to be exact, vision is key. Not having a clear idea of what’s up ahead compromises everything about using the firearm, and nobody wants that. People who want to use a rifle or shotgun for any serious purpose will make sure to pick an effective scope that helps them make use of the firearm accordingly. Selecting a proper scope is best done according to a rigid set of criteria. Does it mount properly? Does its lens have any options that allow you to tweak its use? Some scopes make use of battery power for certain functions too so that should also be something you look at.

Best Aimpoint Optical

Aimpoint Pro Patrol PROS

  1. Great all-around use. For its part the The AimPoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic manages to do a little of everything very well. As an AimPoint red dot, it represents the brand very well. The optic itself gives you a wide range of levels, which is certainly appreciated. It works very well with an AR-15, which is no surprise since it is optimized for use with M4 and AR-15-types. What’s more, it will also work well with the SIG 516. On the whole, it can be very satisfying to use. The clarity of the glass is one of its strongest points, and since its frame is similar to the M2 and M3, mounts and other items that match up to them will work well with this too.
  2. Secure attachment. It attaches securely with a torque-limiting twist knob. The best level of tightness is at three clicks of the knob, because this give you a secure lock without risking damaging the rail. The mount doesn’t shift when you use it either, which tells you that this is fairly secure.
  3. Additional spacer for customizable height. The removable spacer is also a nice touch, because while using it puts the mount at the perfect height not everyone might be a fan. There are a lot of other scopes that feel like they sit too low and need an extra riser, but this sits comfortably with your eye, and this is a big deal for optimum firearm performance.
  4. No-frills packaging. Unboxing this is kind of funny since it’s just a plain box with some foam in it, nothing special. We had to read around to find out this was because the AimPoint PRO was originally designed for police department use. It’s austere but gets the job done, as you might expect. Makes sense, since simplified packaging also keeps the price down and doesn’t leave you stuck with some elaborate clamshell that doesn’t serve any actual purpose. You do get a free allen wrench and 1/3N-Cell battery, and some screws for using the scope minus the spacer.
  5. Unbelievably battery life! You’re going to love the battery life on this thing. The battery on the PRO is rated at around 30 thousand hours at even its brightest setting, which is amazing and well worth the price. Competitors like the Strikefire, which aren’t even as bright as the PRO, have a battery rating of 130 hours or so. There’s just no comparison. What other units will you use for around 3 years on one battery?

Aimpoint Red Dot Drawbacks

  1. There’s only one real con, but it’s a fairly solid sticking point for some. Be warned: some might think that the knob is too big for them to comfortably use, especially since it is big enough to be felt past the optic tube. It might get in the way a bit too, as it can keep the optic from settling properly in its groove. Although it can be managed fairly easily for some, this is still a fairly common complaint from many users who are surprised at how unwieldy it seems. It can actually be somewhat tedious to have to make adjustments constantly. Read More Owner Reviews⇒Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Scope Review

This might be the best AimPoint optic you can get, as far as getting more than what you paid for. It stands head and shoulders above other scopes in terms of battery life, which is something you don’t think you need until you need it. Overall, the AimPoint PRO is a well-priced fast-action optic that is good for all-around use if you can compensate for the problems with manipulating the knob.

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Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Rifle Scope Review

If you have been looking for the perfect compact rifle scope you might want to consider vortex strikefire red dot rifle scope. Vortex optics reviews have a lot of good things to say about this product. This product is great for fast shooting and with its big scope you will be able to shoot with both your eyes open. After a couple of rounds with this scope, you’ll see it is a good buy. You should be able to find vortex optics for sale online to get your own at a great deal.

Vortex Red Dot Rifle Scope Product Details

Weight: 7.2 ounces

Size: Compact

Night Vision: No

Parallax Free Past 50 Yards

Optical 2x doubler

Waterproof, fog proof with nitrogen purging

Unlimited Eye Relief


  1. Size – Its size is compact and ideal for fast shooting. This is one of the compact scopes which you should buy if you want a light weight, small and yet clear scopes for fast shooting. Other compact scopes look bigger compared to this one.
  2. Weight – You practically won’t feel the added weight on your rifle. It just fits right and weighs light. Very good for fast shooting. At 7.2 ounces, it is a great accessory to your AR15.
  3. Easy to Install – It holds very firm once installed and very easy to adjust. Both the green and red dots are clear even at low intensity setting. With just a few simple steps you will be able to install this scope on your rifle in no time.
  4. Price – It’s not too expensive for the features that you get from it. In fact it is actually quite cheap. Some of you might think that this is a knock off because of its cheap price but before you judge it to be that, try it out first. You will be surprised as to what features it has in relation to its price. Even though it does not have night vision, it is compatible for night vision. Where are vortex optics made? They are American products and assembled internationally that is why the price is quite affordable. It is indeed a bang for the buck.
  5. Great eye relief – The scope is great for fast paced shooting. It allows both your eyes to peak through the lenses and acquire target quickly. Shooters will have headaches when using a scope which does not give a good eye relief, this scope is quite good for shooters who don’t have 20/20 vision.
  6. Parallax beyond 50 yards – Usually with other compact scopes, you will have a problem with the sight beyond 50 yards but surprising enough with this scope, it is parallax free even past 50 yards.


  1. Scope caps are hard to close – The scope caps in front are hard to close. We cannot say if it is because of the fact that it is new but many have said after more than a few uses it still is too tight to close. They are not easy to securely close. Most reviews from users have this common problem.
  2. Lens coating – It seems to be noticeably darker than the actual surroundings. If you are very particular with sights and precision, this is not particularly recommended for you.
  3. Magnifier – The 2x magnifier functions alright but is practically useless in fast shooting. In a true fire fight this would be of less value.
  4. The On/Off button – This feature should be improved. The location is not quite strategic when in the field. In most reviews users also notice that the scope can easily turn on and off by breathing on it. It is advisable to take off the battery when putting it inside the bag.

Vortex Strikefire Compact Rifle Scope

Who Should Buy The Vortex Strikefire?

If you are looking for an entry-level compact scope, this is perfect for you. This is very affordable and easy to install. For a beginner this is quite a good buy but for those who are already expert shooters you probably should opt for something more advanced. If you do not plan to engage in target shooting or hunting at night, this is a perfect buy. The customer service is quite quick to respond and probably one of the best reasons why you should buy the product. Their after sales support is very helpful.

It is quite durable but is not recommended to be tossed around. Using it under rain also is a plus for this scope. The lenses remain clear. Again, buy it if you plan to have fast action shooting with your AR15. If you are always on the go in the field, this is the perfect scope for your rifle.

Why Buy The Strikefire Rifle Scope

Buy it primarily because of its affordability and size. It is not battle quality but is advisable to use for ranges and target shooting. Buy it also because of its ease of setup. It’s easier to place install on your rifle as compared to other compact scopes.

Overall Vortex Scope Impact

Overall impact of the Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Rifle Scope, it is a good buy for beginners. It is a great buy because of its affordability and function. It is practically 3 times cheaper as compared to other compact scopes in its category. If you are doubtful that this might be a knock off because of its cheap price you should try it out first. It has user friendly operations which are good for beginners as well. It’s easy to install and quite durable. This rifle scope is great value and recommended.

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