Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Review | Long Range Scopes

Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Review

If you are looking for a rifle scope that is made of high quality materials that provides a clear view of what you are aiming at, you could spend forever searching. There are so many rifle scope manufacturers and all of them are popular among certain people. For those who love Carl Zeiss rifle scopes, there are also quite a few great choices. One of the newest, claims to be the best above all others. To find out why people are loving it, read our Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest rifle scope review below.Carl Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scope

Conquest Rifle Scope Features

Carl Zeiss rifle scopes are made in Germany. The Conquest is covered by the same warranty that other Zeiss scopes are. When you purchase this scope you get a 5 year No Fault Policy to protect your investment from all issues. Beyond that, there is also a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you are always satisfied with the way this scope performs.

It uses an HD5 lens system to give you a clear view of what is in front of you. To further enhance this there are T coatings for extra enhancement and sharper image quality in this long range rifle scope. The magnification maximum is 5-25 and it has a 50mm objective lens diameter.

It features a Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle that provides numbered holdover lines. This allows you to aim accurately up to 800 yards away from your target.

Like other products from Zeiss, the Zeiss Conquest rifle scopes have a very sleek design. In comparison to other 25x scopes on the market today, it has a very compact tube, which appeals to many sportsmen. It is 2x2x14.2 inches and very lightweight at only 1.66 pounds.

This rifle scope works well in all lighting conditions. This means that regardless of when you prefer to hunt, you will never have to worry about whether the scope can handle it or not. This scope also has an eye relief of 90 and a second field of view that is 14.6-35.4 at 100 yards.

Carl Zeiss Conquest Pros

  • This Scope Focuses Clearly on Targets from 25 yards and up
  • Holds Up with Large Magnum Rounds
  • Easy to Sight and Accurate
  • Low Light Scope that Works Great


  • No Cross Hair or Reticle Illumination

Who Will Love The Conquest The Most?

As with all scope manufacturers, there are a few dedicated fans who feel that when it comes to long range shooting, Zeiss is an excellent choice. According to most Zeiss rifle scope reviews from current owners, this rifle scope is a great scope for all types of long range hunting. Many say it is excellent in comparison to others within its price range. It provides a clear image of your target and allows you to aim accurately at it. It works well even in low light and some say that it turns low light into day light. This means if you enjoy hunting during the evening or early morning hours, you will be able to use this scope without issues. More On Carl Zeiss Conquest⇒