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Bushnell AR Optics BTR1 Reticle Review

Are you stuck in choosing the perfect scope for your AR 15 rifle? Sometimes when it comes to making a decision like this, you really have to take your time by doing research and tests so that to purchase the best product that will accompany your riffle for your needs. You need to know what makes a scope great and stand out from other scopes You also have to consider many other factors like price, field use, design amongst others.

Let us take a closer look at this Bushnell AR Optics BTR-1 Reticle. We believe this product is worth reviewing because a lot of shooters have been favoring this among other scopes in its category due to the presence of the illuminated reticle. This tactical optics should be considered before you buy your next recreational scope.

Bushnell AR Optics BTR-1 Reticle Product Details

Bushnell AR 15 Rifle Scope Weight: 17.3 ounces

Size: 9.4 inches

Reticle: Illuminated BTR

Made in Korea

Requires 1 nonstandard battery

Bushnell AR Optics Pros

  1. Virtually Scratchproof – Aside from it being waterproof and dustproof it is virtually scratchproof. While using your riffle target shooting, you won’t have problems with it getting scratched but when you use it in the field and there is a lot of movement, you can’t but avoid your rifle and your scope getting scratched. Surprisingly, this btr-2 reticle is scratchproof. One of our favorite features since we often move around a lot in the field.
  2. Easy to Install – It quite easy to install and it holds very firm on the rifle once installed.
  3. Price – It’s very affordable compared to other rifles with the same features especially branded ones. This is made in Korea and although not made locally, still is a product of quality.
  4. Great eye relief – Eye relief is 3.6 inches, which is very good and practical for tactical or recreational shooting. The scope is perfect if you have both your eyes open when shooting. It is also great for fast paced shooting. For shooters who have eyeglasses, the eye relief provided by this scope can accommodate your vision.
  5. Accurate even up to 600 meters – The parallax problem has been addressed by Bushnell and makes shooting more accurate. The ballistically calibrated reticle is one of our favorite features of this scope.
  6. Optical Clarity – Compared to other rifle scopes of the same category, this offers great clarity. With eye relief positioned in a comfortable manner, you can see through the scope without any hassle. It is an illuminated scope which gives you more clarity because you can choose from the different multi-coated optics.


  1. Weight – Heavy! You will notice the additional weight on your rifle once you have this installed. At 17.3 pounds, this is something which you should think twice installing in your rifle if you cannot carry the additional weight.

Scope erector cap assembly – It limits the use of low and extra low scope rings for AR rifles. It is best to use medium high rings to have this properly installed on your rifle.Best Bushnell AR 15 Scope

Who Should Buy The Bushnell?

This product is designed for AR lovers that can appreciate the many features of this scope. This Bushnell AR optics will be appreciated by a person who knows what it is to do a power change. Old school shooters would just abhor this feature and opt for something more classic and low tech.

If your cup of tea are AR rifles and you are looking at tactical optics it is hard to find a better choice than the BTR-2 reticle. This is a good purchase for any fan of AR optics because of the many features that this product has. This is an especially good purchase for the multitude of features you get for the relatively good price.

In addition to this, you will likely want to be a buyer that won’t be bothered by the weight. The BTR-1 reticle can be on the heavy side and some people might be thrown off by it. If you can handle the weight addition on your rifle, this can be your scope.

Why Buy The BTR-1 Reticle?

Bushnell AR 15 Turret AdjustmentWhen you buy Bushnell’s AR optics, you are buying equipment that is designed to impress. There are a multitude of things that set the Bushnell illuminated reticle apart from the hundreds of other tactical optics for the AR series rifles.

One of my favorite aspects of this product is its aluminum alloy body. It is not just for the sake of beauty, though. This finish allows you to be rugged as possible while using your rifle. You don’t have to worry about this bad boy, because it can take a punishment.

In addition, you will also love the target turrets that allow you to make quick adjustments to get the perfect sighting. But, you can only find here the quick power changes made possible by the exclusive Throw Down PCL. Adjustment on the fly was never easier.

Just to give an idea as to what you get, you have amazing clarity in the optics, the quickest power change in illuminated reticles. Sure, it is on the heavy side but everything you get more than makes up for it and in the makes this a good purchase. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒

Overall BTR Scope Impact

Bushnell is a trusted name in optics and other outdoor products with over sixty years of experience providing quality equipment for your everyday outdoorsman. It does not disappoint with the Bushnell AR optics because the BTR 1 reticle certainly delivers.

What sets it apart from the multitude of other AR optics is the BTR-2 reticle’s Throw down Power Change Lever. With a flick of a switch, you can quickly make changes to your optics, even in the middle of a hunt.

Of course, you get all the standard features like multi-colored optics that give you a clear view even over 600 meters away. Furthermore, the lighting aspect of the BTR 2 reticle lends to the ability of hunting even at the night hunters.

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