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Bore Sighting AR 15 With Laser Bore Sight

One of the most important aspects of all hunting or target shooting endeavors goes beyond the weapon of choice and touches on learning how to zero in a scope. To be successful at hitting your target, you must achieve both having a quality rifle and a quality sight. Most people agree that one of the best guns available is the AR 15. One thing they also seem to agree is on is that bore sighting AR 15 with laser bore sights is also one of the best ways to make it most accurate.

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What Is a Bore Sight?

A boresight is the process of aligning your firearm’s barrel and sights so that zeroing in your rifle’s aim is easier. A bore sighter or scope collimator can save a lot of time when you want to zero in. It has proven itself to be one of the most efficient ways to zero in your rifle, especially if you are using a laser bore sight with a red laser light.

How Do Bore Sights Compare?

Multiple Caliber Bore SightBore sighters are typically divided into two categories. You have optical sighters, which rely on line of sight and laser sighters, which depend on a laser light to show you approximately where your bullet will hit. Either option can save you a lot of time and prevent you from wasting a lot of ammo when zeroing in. Many prefer the lasers since they give a visual clue about where you are in the target area.

When choosing a bore sighter, you may also need to consider the caliber of ammo you plan to use. There are some sighters that work with multiple calibers, but there are also some that only make it easy to zero in if you use one type of ammo.

What Makes an AR15 Bore Sight Unique?

AR 15 In Chamber Bore sSightWhen bore sighting AR 15 rifles, you will encounter a common problem. The AR 15 doesn’t allow you to pull the bolt and look down the bore the way that you can do it with other bolt action rifles. This means you can sight with an optical bore sighter, but it would be way more difficult to do. That is why most AR 15s use the laser. To see what is available for the AR 15, you should take a look at the laser bore sight reviews below.

Top Rated Bore Sights

SightMark Laser Bore Sights with AccuDot Laser

Sightmark Laser Bore SightThis compact 0.223 boresight is designed for fast gun zeroing and sighting. It is reliable for a range of between 15 and 100 yards. The laser wavelength is 632 to 650 nm. It is made of brass and comes with its own carrying pouch. Current SightMark Pricing here⇒


P2M In-Chamber Laser Bore Sight for .223 Rem

In Chamber 223 Laser Bore SightThis red laser light is made with aircraft grade aluminum. It offers precision accuracy and promises to be the fastest gun sighting and zeroing system available at a very affordable price. Overall, it boasts more than 600 reviews and nearly a 4-star rating. Current P2M Pricing here⇒


EconoLed All In One

AR 15 Boresighter ToolIf you have multiple calibers, you may enjoy having this bore sight kit on hand. It has a quick push button activation, can be used with an iron, optical, laser, and holographic sights. You can use it on any 22-50 caliber rifle or pistol and know that it is always going to be accurate. It comes with its own case, tools, adapters, and batteries. Current  EconoLed Pricing⇒


SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

Site Lite Bore Sight For AR 15 RiflesThis mag laser comes with a full lifetime warranty and it is usable with multiple calibers. This set includes a BTS program to print out a laser boresighting target for your particular needs, a SRL scope leveler to help you level your crosshairs first, and a Mauley Crazy DVD. Currnet SiteLite Boresighter Pricing⇒