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Best AR15 Red Dot Sight & Scope Review

Marksmanship can be a very rewarding pursuit, whether it is related to hunting or to competitive shooting. A person can feel truly accomplished whenever the elusive high of striking a far target is achieved. Some might make the case that firing with, say, an AR-15, can make for a fairly expensive investment, and it could indeed be said to add up especially considering ammunition, scopes and other accessories. However, there are also plenty of really good deals out there for the taking, and it often comes down to knowing what choices are out there and which option offers the best value for money.

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Shooting with an AR-15, after all, just begins with the purchase of the AR-15 itself – the next level is almost certainly reached with the upgrades to customize one’s experience. And while it is true that there can be a lot of expense waiting on the other side, the same is true of any pursuit – and this can be mitigated mightily with some smart foresight.

Choosing A Red Dot Sight

One of the first upgrades you are likely to make will be an AR15 red dot sight. Picking the best red dot out there is a good early step towards ensuring the rest of your shooting experience goes smoothly and rewardingly. Here are some guidelines in choosing a red dot sight:

  1. Pick a dot size and pattern that works best for you. Choosing the wrong reticle can lead to serious stumbling blocks down the line. Also be open to the use of micro red dots, which are gaining popularity as evidenced by many red dot reviews.
  2. Practice using the dot size to estimate range.
  3. Practice positioning the red dot, and avoid placing it too close to the eye.
  4. Study up on your options: battery-free, reflex-style optics or electronically-aided optics? Note that the latter are becoming more and more energy-efficient and thus reliable.

Studying up on your options is a step that will continue to be important, and something you should continue to do. Here are a few red dot reviews that should help you do just that.

Top AR Sights


Bushnell Red Dot Review One of the current frontrunners in terms of red dots is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. It’s got an amber-tinted front lens, which is also tilted to use reflected LED lighting to create the red dot. This LED light source is secured to the scope internally using adhesive, which some find problematic because it tends to partly block the field of view. This is done by design, but it might not be for everyone. The TRS-25 doesn’t perform best indoors under artificial light, as these lighting conditions might make the red dot seem blurry or distorted (this may be due to a conflict between the dot intensity setting and the lighting). It’s worth noting that the Bushnell also does not come with a riser out of box, which is an extra item needed to mount it on an AR. However, some tests have shown it outperforming other red dots so it may be worth the extra effort and cost. Read What Other Trophy Owners Say⇒


Sightmark Red Dot SightIn contrast, the Sightmark Ultra Shot has a Weaver quick-detach mount that gives it good marks for ease of installation and removal. The protective hood is also sure to be appreciated, and its water resistant form is durable enough for a number of conditions. It has a digital switch reflect sight, which makes it a good choice for dealing with fast-moving targets, and its field of view can cover 105 feet at 100 yards. Overall the Sightmark Ultra Shot is lightweight by design but sturdy – at least one review mentions it not needing a rezero after being dropped. However, some have also complained about a “battery bump”, which suggests you should inspect your unit carefully when buying it. Read More Here⇒


UTG Red Dot ReviewUTG is known for coming up with sights that tend to be good value for money. The New Gen SCP-RD40RGW-A is a mouthful but lives up to that reputation; its brightness settings allow it to be used in a number of shooting environments, and many red dot review swear by the field of view and eye relief it provides. It offers a sharp and crisply-defined red dot almost irrespective of the brightness of the target background, which most will be sure to appreciate. The integral Picatinny Mounting Deck is easy to use and very secure thanks to the double-locking nuts. Excellent for the price! Read More Here⇒


Vortex Optics Red Dot Scope This dual-color sight offers either red or green dots, as well as a night-vision mode. A parallax-free design that allows a shooter to keep both eyes open when aiming/shooting and not necessarily dooming the shot to a parallax error. The o-ring sealed optics are waterproof, and the sealing keeps dust, moisture and debris out. Moisture and fogging are also not a concern thanks to the unit’s nitrogen fogging. The brightness controls are fairly easy to use, and the 6-hour auto-shutdown can be employed to maximize battery life. The main negative here is the relative bulkiness of the unit, which can make it feel a bit unwieldy. Read More Here⇒


EO Tech Red Dot Review Many hold EOTech equipment to a high standard, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. Easy to use for advanced as well as casual shooters, the EOTech 512.A65 boasts some fancy-sounding features that are nevertheless user-friendly and effective. Even those learning how to sight in a red dot will be helped along with its numerous features. Target acquisition is very good thanks to the laser-illuminated holographic red reticle, and the whole high-tech package is even easy to mount thanks to a mounting bolt that needs no additional tools to put it on a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Worth noting, though, is the fact that it needs 2 AA batteries, the length of which makes the whole thing a bit sizeable – not exactly ideal if you have limited rail space. Read More About EOTech Red Dot Here⇒

In the end, the best red dot for you will be that which meets your needs the best. Is it brightness? Durability? Efficiency? Size and fitting in? Take all of these into account and be sure to ask for as much information as you need when you’re out there buying your red dot.