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Mueller Scopes Review

Mueller Rifle ScopesMueller scopes are a relatively new company and have only been around since 2004. However, they feature unparalleled craftsmanship and an accuracy that most other scopes cannot match. They design scopes for tactical, targeting, crossbows and archery, and more. If you are not sure you want to put your faith in a scope that is designed by a new company, perhaps you should look at our Mueller scopes review to see if you need to change your mind.

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Features of a Mueller Scope

A lot of the Mueller scopes for sale have a red dot that adjusts automatically to make it easier to see in lower light situations. Others have a turn dial that allows you to tweak the coloring of the dot. These scopes offer very clear optics, even if you are targeting something that is far away. They are priced affordably and most are within the $200-dollar range. These scopes allow for a quick focus so that you can take quick aim on any target, which is especially helpful when hunting. Mueller scopes do come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that the scope works the way you want it to.

How Does Mueller Compare To Other Scope Brands?

Mueller Optics ReviewsThe fact that some of these scopes have a red dot that adjusts in color to make it more visible in varying light conditions proves that Mueller is a step ahead of other scopes. No other scope offers this feature, though many do have a turn dial that can help you to see in the darker times of the day. Other scopes are more expensive. Some may cost you closer to $1000 and they may still not give you the ease of use and quick focus ability of the Mueller. Even the Nikon scopes that offer clear lenses are not going to be as affordable or as quick to focus. Bushnell, Hawke Optics, and others all fall into this same situation. However, they do all offer features that may be perfect for your situation. Bushnell has a warranty that appeals to many, but it comes at a price that some do not enjoy.

Who Should Use Mueller Scopes?

There are many Mueller scopes available on the market at affordable prices. They are designed for hunters and target shooters. They are designed for people who want a clear view of their target over a long distance and they are designed for hunters who want to take quick aim. To give you an idea of whether Mueller is right for you, you may want to check out the reviews below.

Top Mueller Scope Reviews

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope ReviewOur Mueller Quick Shot review reveals that this scope is affordable and can be used for both turkey hunters and archery hunters. The tube is 1 inches in size and has an objective 33mm lens. It has two sensors that are built in so that it can automatically adjust the brightness of your red dot. If this isn’t enough to help you, there are 10 manual brightness settings that you can choose from. More On Quick Shot⇒


Mueller Target Rifle Scope

Mueller Target Rifle ScopeThis 30mm tube offers a magnification of 8-32x and a 44mm objective lens. It has an eye relief of 4, to give you added comfort. This scope uses a micro-fine crosshair and target dot. There is a side focus parallax adjustment and exposed target turrets. More On Mueller Target⇒


Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope

Mueller Speed Shot Rifle ScopeAs you look at the Mueller Speed Shot review you should keep it mind that it is affordable and has a rating of 4.5 stars. It has a magnification of 1.4x and a 24mm objective lens. It has an eye relief of 3.5 and a tube that is 30mm. It has 11 brightness settings to ensure you have a clear view and can fire off shots quickly if you need to. This is ideal for hog and bear hunting. More On Speed Shot⇒


Mueller Tactical

Tactical Rifle Scope By MuellerThis Mueller Tactical scope has a fast focus eyepiece and a side focus knob. It has 8-32 x 44 with exposed target turrets. The optics are exceptionally clear regardless of how far out you are trying to zoom. With an average rating of 4.6 stars and owner reviews that state it is the best scope they have ever owned, it is hard to say you would be making a bad investment by choosing this scope. More On Mueller Tactical⇒


Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope

Mueller AO Eradicator ScopeThis scope gives you a 50mm objective lens and 3 inches of eye relief. The magnification level is 8.5-25x and the tube is 1-inch. It has a micro-fine cross hair and one of the smallest illuminated glass etched dots available. There are 11 brightness settings to help you see in lower light situations. There is also a 1/8 windage and elevation adjustments that you do not need tools to tweak. It is best for short range shooting. This scope will focus at a minimum of 20 yards, which should be something you consider before purchasing. More On AO Eraticator⇒