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Long Range Shooting Tips

Shooting at a long range is a lot more difficult than most people think. It isn’t as simple as point and shoot. You have to focus on your target and have a lot of different things happen at one time. Otherwise, you may end up way off your target. To help you become a master at shooting things further away, here are a few tips for long range shooting, take a trip through our long range shooting school.

Focus On Your Bullet

At the beginning of a shot, there is some anticipation. Will it be a good shot? Will you hit your target? Are you going to be the one who brings home dinner tonight? They key to successful shooting and learning how to shoot long range is to focus, not just your scope on the target, but your mind on the bullet. When you pull the trigger, resist the urge to jump up and down saying, “Yeah”. Instead, release the trigger in a smooth motion and breathe through the shot. Imagine you are watching the bullet striking the target.

Scope It Out

Prostaff by Nikon ReviewA lot of perfect shots are way off their mark because of an issue with the scope. If you are using the Nikon Prostaff P-223 scope, you need to know how to sight it so that it is zeroed in at 100 yards before you aim for something that is further away from you. It is best if you test it out first thing in the morning when the temperatures is cooler and on a very calm day. You want to try and hit the closer target without compensating for your rifle’s aim being an inch off the mark because if your scope is off by an inch at 100 yards, you will add more inches the further away your target is.


UTG tactical Scope ReviewMost people tense up as they prepare to fire. It is a mistake that even avid hunters or target shooters make. It is a combination of things that make it happen. Either you are tensed because you expect the recoil or you are worried that your aim will be off the mark. The key is to breathe through it. As long as you have a good long range scope, such as the UTG 300 Compact, you know your aim will not be too far off. Your breathing should be slow and steady, according to most people who help others with long range shooting techniques. There are people who pull the trigger on the inhale, the exhale, and somewhere in between. The key is to never hold your breath because this will increase your tension and cause you to shake.

Ready, Steady, Pull

LongRangeShootingWhile you are in a relaxed state, you will at some point pull the trigger. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when long range hunting is the way they pull the trigger. Your finger is already resting on the trigger. Allow this to continue while you gradually pull it. If you jerk to pull the trigger finger, you could throw off your aim and even the best Bushnell AR Optics scope will not be able to help you recover before that bullet leaves the end of your rifle barrel. When you figure out what breathing pattern you need to pull on, your finger should pull the trigger steadily and smoothly. One motion that does not have to be quick.

The Rest Does Matter

One of the best long range shooting tips around is that when sighting your scope, it is important that you use a stable rest. The purpose of a rest is to help you ensure that everything is accurate, not how steady you are able to hold your rifle. Even if you do tend to jerk a little on the trigger finger or you are unable to resist tensing up, a good rest that is steady, will help to compensate for your issues to ensure the gun is well aimed and reasonably accurate.