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How to Use & Sight In Iron Sights

You have a lot of choices when it comes to rifle sights. Choosing the right one for you, may not be easy. New sights/scopes have a lot of features that make them easier to use. They are even able to show you targets when there is not much light available. However, many people still prefer to use iron sights because they are tried and true. They are accurate and easy. There are many articles out there about newer sights, but about the traditional sights? We want to enlighten you and tell you how to use and sight in iron sights to ensure you have an accurate aim without spending a lot of money.

How Accurate Are Iron Sights?

Iron Sight For RifleWhen accuracy matters, many people choose a telescoping or optical sight. These people are often hunting. In situations where you are target shooting, or controlling wild game an iron sight should be adequate. Available are “closed sights” and “open sights.” To use them, you look down the barrel of your rifle, often there are two parts to the iron sight. One is the eyepiece and the other is a little spike on the end of the barrel. To aim, you line up those two items and fire. Your accuracy from there will depend on how well you have done adjusting iron sights. That is why it is very important that you find out how to use iron sights.

How Long Does It Take To Sight In Iron Sights?

Learning how to zero iron sights does not take long and the more you do it, the faster the process will become. However, you must first find the mechanical zero. Usually, this involves rotating the front and rear sights so that the post is flush with your sight. Some guns come with this done and others are at least somewhat close to zero when you purchase them.

How To Sight In Iron SightsAfter that is done, you will want to take aim and fire five shots at a target from approximately 25 yards away. They should all be grouped together, but you will want to discover the central, vertical, and horizontal lines to determine where your sight needs to be. To adjust your site to the left, turn the windage knob to the left. To go right with your aim, turn it to the right. This is a lot easier than the newer sights.

Does Sighting In Iron Sights Depend On The Rifle?

When learning about the iron sight, you may wonder if there is a difference in how to sight in iron sights on this gun or that gun. The truth is, all guns are virtually the same when it comes to sighting iron sights. Some gun barrels are longer or shorter and this may make it easier to handle, but the way you sight it in and aim is more dependent on your line of sight. As long as you can line up the eye area with the barrel of your gun and the target, you can aim true.