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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Review

Many people choose Bushnell scopes because they are top quality. They are a company that constantly strives to develop new technology and turn it into something that is user friendly. That is one of the reasons the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is such a popular choice.

Features of the Trophy TRS-25

Aiming Bushnell Rifle ScopeThe Bushnell red dot scope provides quality optics that have stunning HD clarity. This ensures that when you look through the scope you are going to see exactly what you are aiming at through the 25mm objective lens which offers 1x power.

This scope is made using only quality materials that have been tested thoroughly for durability and dependability. It has a beautiful design that will measure up regardless of what you are putting it through.

Even the 3 MOA red dot sight is reliable. It has 11 brightness settings and an unlimited amount of eye relief. This makes it easy to find your target fast and aim accurately in low light conditions.

Bushnell 3 MOA Red Dot Scope


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It comes with a CR2032 battery and a protective lens cover for the tilted front lens, which will reflect LED light to create the red dot. You can also choose from two colors, either Realtree APG Camo or Black.

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot measures 2.4 inches long and weighs in at 3.7 ounces. This makes it large, but not uncomfortable to use.

It is designed to mount easily on any Weaver style or Picatinny rail using an Allen style cross screw. It also has a clamping system to keep it securely mounted.

How Does the Bushnell TRS-25 Compare?

TRS-32 by Bushnell

TRS-32 by Bushnell

TRS-32 Current Pricing Here⇒

Two other popular scopes from Bushnell are the TRS-32 and the TRS-25 HiRise. The HiRise is very similar to the TRS-25, but it has the ability to conserve battery life by self-regulating the brightness based on the light that is available. It weighs in at 6.0 ounces and includes a riser block for an AR-15 flat top or tactical shotgun. It has a 4.3-star rating, which is respectable for most scopes.

The TRS-32 holds a 4.2-star rating and has a 30mm tactical ring as well as a 1x 32mm objective lens. In all aspects it is the same quality as the TRS-25. It also conserves battery life by self-regulating and it does offer multi coated optics to deliver a boost when you are in low light. It is slightly heavier at 8.2 ounces.TR-25 HiRise

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What Owners Say about the TRS-25

When you read a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot review, one of the biggest things you will notice is the number of positive comments that people have to say about it. It holds a 4.3-star rating after more than 2,000 votes. They say that it is a great value for a scope that can do so much. Even the people who admit that it may not have the quality of a more expensive scope say that the price makes it easier to swallow. They say that it makes acquiring a target easy and fast. See more about the TRS-25 here

Burris XTR II Review

The Burris XTR scope is a state of the art scope that provides you with more than you may have ever imagined a scope could. It has high-performance optics with multi-coated lenses. It gives you the ability to see in low light situations. They have a zoom that is 5x better than most  scopes. It has a thicker tube and adjustments that are precision tuned. One of the best things about these scopes, though, is that they are all covered by an unconditional “Forever Warranty”. This means that if your scope ever lets you down, you can get it replaced without issues.

Burris Optics Review

How Does the Burris XTR II Scope Compare?

The Burris XTR II scope is higher priced than both the Nikon and Bushnell scopes. However, many owners say that it is worth it to pay a little more when you are backed by a lifetime warranty against all potential issues. Most also like that the scope itself is built to be much heavier duty than the other scopes that are available. Nikon scopes promise clear viewing, but the XTR II is also going to provide you with a quality image within the scope.

Best Rifle To Mount The XTR II On

These rifle scopes are designed to be extreme tactical scopes. They are designed and engineered to be used by law enforcement or military, which is why they offer such extreme optics. They are great for the Ruger Precision rifle as well as other rifle brands. They mount easily to a Picatinny rail.

When looking at a Burris XTR II for sale, you will quickly notice that there are different design styles available and all of them have features that are unique to that particular style. For this reason, we are going to show you some of the best according to current owners. Our Burris XTR II review would not be complete if you were not able to see how drastically different each rifle scope is, even though they are all considered XTR II scopes.

Available Burris Options

Burris XTR II Riflescope with 5.56 Ballistic Illuminated Reticle Combo

Burris XTR II Reticle Combo Rifle ScopeThis rifle scope is bulkier than most scopes, but it features FastFire III and a P.E.P.R mount. It has a dual focal plane and a 30mm main tube. The adjustments are zero click stop knobs. It is triple spring tensioned for shockproof performance regardless of how much recoil you have to deal with. More On Illuminate Reticle Combo⇒



Burris XTR II Riflescope with F-Class MOA Illuminated Reticle

Burris XTR F Class Rifle ScopeThis riflescope has an 8-40x zoom and it is 50mm. The main tube is 34mm. There is a front focal plane and looks very sleek in design. It is shock proof and vibration resistant, which is great for rifles that recoil hard. Overall, people give it a 4.9-star rating. More On F Class⇒



Burris XTR II Riflescope with 5.56 Ballistic Illuminated Reticle

Ballistic XTR Rifle ScopeFor a sleeker look, you can choose this 5.56 Ballistic illuminated reticle. It has a rear focal plane and a 30mm main tube. It has a comfortable eye relief and offers a clear image of your target. More On Ballistic Reticle⇒


Hawke Optics Scopes Review

Hawke Rifle Scopes ReviewsOne of the newest scope manufacturers available is Hawk Optics. They are a company that first started roughly 15 years ago. Hawke is based in the UK, but also has a headquarters in the United States. The shocking part for some is that even though they are new, they are now one of the market leaders on a worldwide scale. It is a family owned business that constantly strives to improve itself. Are you ready to learn what they have to offer you in our Hawke Optics scopes review?

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Features of the Hawke Optics Scope

One of the first things you will notice about Hawke Optics is that they have a variety of riflescopes, crossbow scopes, binoculars and virtually everything that is used for viewing. Their scopes are based on creative features that actually make them easier to use.

They all have a very sleek look that appeals to many outdoorsmen. Their riflescopes are lightweight and easy to adjust.

From what we have seen in our Hawke scope review, these sights are affordably priced and most people love them. All sights and scopes have an average rating of 4.5-5-stars. This should give you an idea of the quality and it is further proven by the limited lifetime warranty that comes with every riflescope available.

How Does Hawke Optics Compare To Other Scopes?

If you are curious about what the Hawke Optics reviews say about how it compares to Nikon, Bushnell, and other scopes; you should know that our findings are quite interesting. All rifle scopes have a select group of people that are devoted to that brand. Some feel that nothing can beat a Nikon because of the simple fact that Nikon also creates crystal clear camera lenses. Beyond that, Nikon and Bushnell scopes are typically more expensive. Some people say that price reflects quality. Therefore, they feel that if you want a lot of features that are in standard Hawke scopes for sale, you will do well to spend more to have them be clearer in a more well-known brand. The Bushnell scopes have a better warranty because it is no questions asked. This is appealing to some.

Best Hawke Optics

Hawke Optics scopes are ideal for virtually all rifle types. The style of hunting or target shooting you prefer will tell you the type of rifle and scope that you need. For this reason, you should take a look at the Hawke Optic scopes below. It will be the easiest way to show you the right scope for your particular needs and perhaps you will find out whether it works with your rifle or not.

Hawke Sport Optics Sidewinder 30

Hawke Sidewinder Rifle ScopeThis is a side focus 6-24×56 1/2 mil dot IR scope. It is illuminated in red and green. There is a 4” large side wheel and a coil erector spring gives you stability when firing. The Hawke Sidewinder scope is typically used for long range shooting. That is why it has a specific set of requirements that it abides by when it comes to the optics present. Owners state that it is not too bulky, but that it is rather large. No one minds the size and so far, it holds a consistent 5-star rating. More On Sidewinder⇒

Hawke Sport Optics Vantage

Hawke Vantage Rifle ScopeThe Vantage is 3-9×40 AO Mil Dot. It has a 1-inch mono-tube chassis to ensure it is strong and outstanding 11 layers of multi-coated optics to ensure excellent clarity of your target. It is adjustable and has a fast focus eyeball. Most owners say that the optics are clearer than anything they have ever seen in a simple scope. It is a basic scope that simply delivers performance. More On Hawke Vantage⇒

Hawke Sport Optics HD

Hawke Sports Optics HD Rifle ScopeThis riflescope is a 4-12×50 AO Mil Dot IR. There are some people who feel that it is not as good as some of the other scopes available by Hawke Optics. However, some people say that it is the best riflescope that they have ever owned. They say it is extremely clear and easy to use. Perhaps this is why it holds a consistent 4.3-star rating. More On HD Rifle Scope⇒


Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scope Mount

Hawke Scopes Rifle Scope MountThe best way to mount a Hawke Optics scope is to use the mount that is designed for it. Most owners say that it is a very sturdy mount that is affordable and easy to work with. They say is great to use with a pellet gun and a CO2 gun. It is also easy to put on a rifle of your choosing. More On Hawke Rifle Scope Mount⇒


Mueller Scopes Review

Mueller Rifle ScopesMueller scopes are a relatively new company and have only been around since 2004. However, they feature unparalleled craftsmanship and an accuracy that most other scopes cannot match. They design scopes for tactical, targeting, crossbows and archery, and more. If you are not sure you want to put your faith in a scope that is designed by a new company, perhaps you should look at our Mueller scopes review to see if you need to change your mind.

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Features of a Mueller Scope

A lot of the Mueller scopes for sale have a red dot that adjusts automatically to make it easier to see in lower light situations. Others have a turn dial that allows you to tweak the coloring of the dot. These scopes offer very clear optics, even if you are targeting something that is far away. They are priced affordably and most are within the $200-dollar range. These scopes allow for a quick focus so that you can take quick aim on any target, which is especially helpful when hunting. Mueller scopes do come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that the scope works the way you want it to.

How Does Mueller Compare To Other Scope Brands?

Mueller Optics ReviewsThe fact that some of these scopes have a red dot that adjusts in color to make it more visible in varying light conditions proves that Mueller is a step ahead of other scopes. No other scope offers this feature, though many do have a turn dial that can help you to see in the darker times of the day. Other scopes are more expensive. Some may cost you closer to $1000 and they may still not give you the ease of use and quick focus ability of the Mueller. Even the Nikon scopes that offer clear lenses are not going to be as affordable or as quick to focus. Bushnell, Hawke Optics, and others all fall into this same situation. However, they do all offer features that may be perfect for your situation. Bushnell has a warranty that appeals to many, but it comes at a price that some do not enjoy.

Who Should Use Mueller Scopes?

There are many Mueller scopes available on the market at affordable prices. They are designed for hunters and target shooters. They are designed for people who want a clear view of their target over a long distance and they are designed for hunters who want to take quick aim. To give you an idea of whether Mueller is right for you, you may want to check out the reviews below.

Top Mueller Scope Reviews

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope ReviewOur Mueller Quick Shot review reveals that this scope is affordable and can be used for both turkey hunters and archery hunters. The tube is 1 inches in size and has an objective 33mm lens. It has two sensors that are built in so that it can automatically adjust the brightness of your red dot. If this isn’t enough to help you, there are 10 manual brightness settings that you can choose from. More On Quick Shot⇒


Mueller Target Rifle Scope

Mueller Target Rifle ScopeThis 30mm tube offers a magnification of 8-32x and a 44mm objective lens. It has an eye relief of 4, to give you added comfort. This scope uses a micro-fine crosshair and target dot. There is a side focus parallax adjustment and exposed target turrets. More On Mueller Target⇒


Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope

Mueller Speed Shot Rifle ScopeAs you look at the Mueller Speed Shot review you should keep it mind that it is affordable and has a rating of 4.5 stars. It has a magnification of 1.4x and a 24mm objective lens. It has an eye relief of 3.5 and a tube that is 30mm. It has 11 brightness settings to ensure you have a clear view and can fire off shots quickly if you need to. This is ideal for hog and bear hunting. More On Speed Shot⇒


Mueller Tactical

Tactical Rifle Scope By MuellerThis Mueller Tactical scope has a fast focus eyepiece and a side focus knob. It has 8-32 x 44 with exposed target turrets. The optics are exceptionally clear regardless of how far out you are trying to zoom. With an average rating of 4.6 stars and owner reviews that state it is the best scope they have ever owned, it is hard to say you would be making a bad investment by choosing this scope. More On Mueller Tactical⇒


Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope

Mueller AO Eradicator ScopeThis scope gives you a 50mm objective lens and 3 inches of eye relief. The magnification level is 8.5-25x and the tube is 1-inch. It has a micro-fine cross hair and one of the smallest illuminated glass etched dots available. There are 11 brightness settings to help you see in lower light situations. There is also a 1/8 windage and elevation adjustments that you do not need tools to tweak. It is best for short range shooting. This scope will focus at a minimum of 20 yards, which should be something you consider before purchasing. More On AO Eraticator⇒



Vortex Crossfire Scope & Binocular Reviews

Vortex Optics is a name that most people whom love hunting know very well. The scopes and binoculars that are created by Vortex Optics are a step above all others and provide clarity that most other scopes can’t match. Therefore, before you rush out to purchase a scope or binocular set that may be a little cheaper, you should read our Vortex Optics Review to find out why so many think it is worth it to pay for perfection.

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The Many Vortex Optics Scopes and Binoculars

When you think of a quality brand, you most likely picture a brand name that has many different versions of their product. This is done to prove that the company is constantly changing and perfecting their products. Vortex Optics is no different. They have many scopes available. There are different features with each of them and different magnification levels available. It simply depends on the type of scope or how strong a pair of binoculars you need as to which one you may choose. However, with the many styles and models available, there is sure to be one that meets your specific needs and your budget as well.

Vortex Optics ReviewHow Does Vortex Optics Compare to Nikon?

Nikon scopes are another brand that promises quality. It is a brand that creates everything from cameras to rifle scopes and all other things that require clear images through glass and magnification. They have a variety of rifle scopes available and they all promise to be precise and rugged, as well as affordable. However, if you look at a comparison, you will find that many people say the Nikon brand is made using poor quality glass that gives you tunnel vision on the aim and they feel that Vortex is by far superior in terms of warranty, quality, and affordability. Vortex is also most favorable because they have an excellent customer support team to help you out if you have any problems with, or questions about, their products. If you are in the market for a pair of binoculars or spotting scopes, you will find the same types of reviews by users. Most say that Vortex is better in every way.

Why Choose Vortex Optics?

Vortex Optics offers a variety of equipment that can give you a clear shot at anything you are aiming for. Their scopes are versatile, their binoculars are clear, and they have a variety of other features that you may find enjoyable. Whereas most scopes come with a limited warranty, the Vortex Optics scopes have an unlimited lifetime warranty that is fully transferable to another person. You will never need to keep up with your receipt or fill out a warranty card. As long as it carries the Vortex name, you are covered by the VIP warranty. This means you can hand it down to future generations or give it to a friend and they will still have the warranty coverage on it.

If you are most curious about whether they are usable for you or not, you should know that Vortex Optics offer scopes that are good for long range, hunting, or varmints. However, the best way to show you what type of scopes are available is to show you what is available. You should take a look the most popular Vortex scope, the Vortex Crossfire review section below, where you will find information about the scopes that are available, their average price ranges, and what other people think of the quality.

Available Vortex Options

Crossfire II

Vortex Optics Crossfire IIThis Vortex Crossfire II is available in two sizes, either the 4-12x44mm or the V-PLEX. The V-PLEX is a one-piece design that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It has been nitrogen gas purged and it is sealed with O-rings so that you never have to worry about fog or water. It is shockproof to withstand recoil and impact. It is 30mm and made with a 1” diameter tube. The 4-12x44mm offers all of the same features, but has a fast focus eyepiece and a Dead-Hold BDC reticle with customized hashmarks so you will never have to guess again. Overall, current owners give it a 4.7-star rating. It is priced around $159 and the only complaint that some people have with it is that it is not illuminated. More On Crossfire II⇒

Crossfire II 6-18x44mm AO Riflescope

Vortex Optics Rifle Scope ReviewThis magnifies a little higher than the previous Crossfire II and therefore it is a little pricier around $219. It still features the customized hashmark design so that you do not have to guess at the windage or holdover. This makes it ideal for hunting or shooting targets at varying ranges. It has an anti-reflective lens coating to give you brighter views of your target. It is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof to ensure that it will be usable in all conditions. It is a one-inch riflescope with an overall rating of 4.6 stars. Most users love the long eye relief and its clarity. Most people purchase it with the hopes of upgrading at a later time, but then forget the upgrade because of how well it works for their needs. More On Crossfire II AO⇒

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4x24mm AR-15 Scope

Vortex Optics AR 15 Rifle ScopeThis riflescope features a V-Brite reticle. It is an AR 15 scope with a 30mm single piece tube. It is designed to increase light transmission and has multiple anti-reflective coatings on the air to glass surfaces of it. Inside the scope, there is an illuminated center dot so that you can aim precisely where you want to, even in low light situations. It promises improved accuracy and the optimum visual performance. It is waterproof. It does have battery powered electronics for its illumination. It has a 4.6-star rating. Not bad for a scope that is affordably priced around $224. Those who purchased it say that it is a great multi-purpose scope for their AR 15. They like the eye relief and every other aspect of this scope. More On Vortex AR-15⇒

Vortex Optics CF-4302 Crossfire 19×42 Binocular

Vortex Optics BinocularsIf you want to see something clearly using binoculars instead of your scope, you should consider this affordable pair of binoculars. They are priced around $133 and have a 4.7-star rating from buyers. It is made with rubber armor and has a fully multi-coated lens set. It is waterproof and dustproof. It features adjustable eyecups and you can connect it to a tripod to ensure stability when you are trying to view objects that are far away. More On Vortex Binoculars⇒

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope Review

Leupold rifle scopes are always a popular choice for anyone who enjoys accuracy. One of the most popular choices is the 110797 because it promises high performance and extreme durability. Another bonus is that it comes at an excellent value. If you are curious as to what people love about it or you are tired of searching for more information on it, you should read our Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm rifle scope review.Leupold VX-2 3-9X40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Features

One of the first things you will notice about the Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm rifle scope is that it is very lightweight. The total weight is only 11.2 ounces. It measures 14×3.2×3 inches.

It makes use of Index Matched Lens. They are lead free and the edges are blackened. This gives you a very bright, vivid clarity, which will be noticed immediately after you hold the scope up to your eye.

The turrets are finger turnable. It gives you a 1/4 MOA click windage and elevation adjustments. This allows you to zero it in easily.

It is a very sleek scope that has classic lines. It has a style gold medallion that makes it very appealing to those who want a scope that looks as good as it performs.

It has an ergonomic eye piece that allows you to quickly focus. One of the best things about this feature is that there is no lock ring to deal with. It is a feature that gives you flexibility when it comes to distance shooting and quickness with up close targets.

As with all Leupold scopes, this one has a lifetime warranty to help you feel confident that you are getting the best scope possible. This is something that not all scope manufacturers are willing to give.

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Pros

  • This Scope is Water/Fog Proof
  • It Uses 1” Rings
  • Works with a Variety of Rifles
  • Allows Quick Target Acquisition


  • Tools Are Not Included
  • No Sun Shade Included

Who Should Use The Leupold VX-2?

According to all Leupold rifle scope reviews you will find with this scope, it is ideal for a variety of situations. There are people who use it for long range hunting of a 150 yards+. There are also people who use it when their target is only a couple yards away. It is very versatile and affordable. It is designed to work with a variety of rifles and it handles recoil well regardless of how much “kick” you are dealing with.

The people who have chosen this rifle scope are more than satisfied as proven by the nearly perfect 5-star rating. The current owners love the clarity of the lenses. Many rifle scope reviews say that this Leupold works great in low light situations because it gathers light better than most people expect for it to. This makes it great for hunters who prefer to hunt during the early morning or late evening when most wildlife is most active. In short, the proof is in the reviews and it is a great rifle scope for anyone who wants to have a very accurate scope. More On Leupold VX-2⇒

Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Review

If you are looking for a rifle scope that is made of high quality materials that provides a clear view of what you are aiming at, you could spend forever searching. There are so many rifle scope manufacturers and all of them are popular among certain people. For those who love Carl Zeiss rifle scopes, there are also quite a few great choices. One of the newest, claims to be the best above all others. To find out why people are loving it, read our Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest rifle scope review below.Carl Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scope

Conquest Rifle Scope Features

Carl Zeiss rifle scopes are made in Germany. The Conquest is covered by the same warranty that other Zeiss scopes are. When you purchase this scope you get a 5 year No Fault Policy to protect your investment from all issues. Beyond that, there is also a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you are always satisfied with the way this scope performs.

It uses an HD5 lens system to give you a clear view of what is in front of you. To further enhance this there are T coatings for extra enhancement and sharper image quality in this long range rifle scope. The magnification maximum is 5-25 and it has a 50mm objective lens diameter.

It features a Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle that provides numbered holdover lines. This allows you to aim accurately up to 800 yards away from your target.

Like other products from Zeiss, the Zeiss Conquest rifle scopes have a very sleek design. In comparison to other 25x scopes on the market today, it has a very compact tube, which appeals to many sportsmen. It is 2x2x14.2 inches and very lightweight at only 1.66 pounds.

This rifle scope works well in all lighting conditions. This means that regardless of when you prefer to hunt, you will never have to worry about whether the scope can handle it or not. This scope also has an eye relief of 90 and a second field of view that is 14.6-35.4 at 100 yards.

Carl Zeiss Conquest Pros

  • This Scope Focuses Clearly on Targets from 25 yards and up
  • Holds Up with Large Magnum Rounds
  • Easy to Sight and Accurate
  • Low Light Scope that Works Great


  • No Cross Hair or Reticle Illumination

Who Will Love The Conquest The Most?

As with all scope manufacturers, there are a few dedicated fans who feel that when it comes to long range shooting, Zeiss is an excellent choice. According to most Zeiss rifle scope reviews from current owners, this rifle scope is a great scope for all types of long range hunting. Many say it is excellent in comparison to others within its price range. It provides a clear image of your target and allows you to aim accurately at it. It works well even in low light and some say that it turns low light into day light. This means if you enjoy hunting during the evening or early morning hours, you will be able to use this scope without issues. More On Carl Zeiss Conquest⇒

Vortex 3X Magnifier Review

When shooting long range, it is not always easy to aim accurately. This is why having a good scope on your rifle can help. They bring the target that is, “over there” closer to you so that you can take aim and fire without giving your position away. This is especially useful for hunters. The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier promises to be an excellent choice that will work well with virtually any long range rifle setup you may have. Is it the right one for you?

Vortex VMX-3T 3X Magnifier

What The Vortex 3X Offers

This simple to use scope is fast and effective at bringing distant targets into view. It can magnify AR-height red dots up to 3x to make them easier to see. This is great news for anyone who does not want to struggle to see that tiny little red dot, but wants to ensure they hit their target. Add to that the fact that the flip mount engages and disengages when you push a button so that it can lock in place.Vortex VMX Red Dot Scope

It has been internally purged and filled with nitrogen to ensure that it is 100% waterproof. This also means that it is fog proof so that you can use it easily without worry over what the weather will be. To further this protection there are waterproof O-ring seals on it. This not only prevents moisture, but also prevents dust and other debris.

This magnifier is lightweight and tough. It is made with machined aluminum that has been hard coat anodized. It weighs only 11.9 ounces so that you do not feel weighed down by your gun and the Vortex 3X magnifier. To further increase your comfort it has a 3 1/4 inch eye relief.

It provides fully multi-coated optics so that light transmission is always clear. The VMX increases light transmission using multiple anti-reflective coatings on all of its air to glass surfaces within the 30mm tube.

The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier with flip mount is perfect for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights. This makes it very good at increasing the effectiveness of their red dot sight’s range. There is also a focus adjustment to ensure you see it clearly when it is magnified.

Compatible Sights

According to the Vortex VMX-3T review that others have left, this magnifier works well with a variety of setups. There are people who use it with their Eotech, their Vortex Strikefire, the AR-15, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic, and many more. The type of gun it will fit on is virtually any rifle that has a longer style barrel on it. Some people have even used it on a 5 inch rail.

What Others Think About Vortex Optics

Most of the people who have already purchased the Vortex 3X feel that it is an excellent value that is still comparable to other high quality magnifiers on the market. Owners state that it works, whether they use their left hand or right hand to fire and that it stays zeroed in no matter how many rounds they fire off.

The biggest issue that people have with it is that the eye relief is difficult to get used to. They say that you have to be right on the scope lens in order to get a full view of your target area. A few people do not like that it is made in China rather than the USA. Some say that after about 200 yards, it is not as clear as they had hoped it would be. There are some who say that the flip to right is wrong because that puts it right in your vision path. Mounting it backward so that it flips left makes things awkward, but through it all, most people with negative thoughts about it, still claim that it is a great magnifier that simply needs a few tweaks.

Is The VMX-3T Worth Trying?

Overall, most users and reviews for this 3X magnifier are delighted with it. Most of them use it when target shooting on the range and say that it is good for them up to 300 yards. It is a lot cheaper than other magnifiers of the same quality. However, it is not a perfect magnifier for everyone. If you feel the eye relief or the mounting style of it will be a big problem for you, you may want to consider other options. For most people, these are minor inconveniences that they are willing to work around to save money and therefore they are happy they purchased the Vortex VMX-3T. Maybe you will be happy with it as well. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒

Vortex Diamondback Scope Review

Investing a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars on a rifle scope has always been a tough decision to make for gun enthusiasts. There are so many scopes on the market which promise so many good things especially when it comes to giving the rifle owner an overall experience of the scope usage, but do they live up to their promises?

For those who are professional shooters can probably easily tell the difference of high quality scopes to poorly made optics. But for beginners, you should look at reviews rather than advertisements before purchasing a rifle scope. When it comes to quality made optics, the more expensive the price doesn’t always mean you will get better quality scopes. Although price is a big purchase factor, it should not be the deciding factor when buying a scope for your shooting applications. This Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope Review will help you decide if purchasing this beginner scope for your rifle is the best choice.

Vortex Diamondback Product Features:

  • Vortex Diamonback Rifle Scope ReviewDBK-04-BDC Reticle
  • XR multi-layer coatings. Aircraft-grade aluminum. Precision-glide erector system.
  • Waterproof and fog proof.
  • Available in 2 magnifications: BDC and V-Plex. Specifications
  • Magnification: 4-12x
  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Eye relief: 3.1-3.4 inches.
  • Made in China

Buying considerations

  • Great Field of View

    – As compared to other scopes in this price range like the Nikon and the Leupold, this gives you a greater field of view. Its field of view is 4-11.3 feet/100 yards. With adjustment graduation of 1/4 MOA and maximum elevation adjustment of 60 MOA. Its maximum windage adjustment is 60 MOA. Parallax setting is 100 yards. Because of this, it is best for hunting, shooting and targeting varmints at varying ranges. You can easily focus on your target with its fast focused eyepiece.

  • Lightweight but durable

– One of the many reasons why rifle owners buy this is because of its weight. It only weighs 14.6 ounces. You can hardly feel the added weight once this is installed on the rifle. A scope this light is a great accessory for rifles used for fast paced shooting or varmint hunting. Although it is lightweight it is also durable under all conditions. The argon gas on this scope does not react chemically to water which makes it eliminate internal fogging. You can therefore take it with you in all weather conditions.

  • Great value for scopes in its price range

– As a scope made in China, this is definitely affordable. It only costs a few hundred bucks. Although it doesn’t have complicated features needed by a professional shooter, it gives you the needed accuracy for long range shooting. It won’t have wifi, geotagging, video recording or night vision capability as seen on some night vision scopes, but will definitely be reliable in all basic hunting applications.

  • Glass gives a bright and clear view

– You can never get a clear line of sight if the glass installed on the scope is not made of quality material. For an inexpensive scope like this you will expect glass with lesser crispness, but surprisingly enough you still will have a crisp and clear image of your target even at 12x magnification.

This vortex diamond scope is highly recommended for people who have varmints to take care of in their estate. With its large field of you, you can easily look for a moving target a 100 yards away without removing your eye on the scope. Both professionals and beginners love this scope because of its simplicity, affordability and clear line of sight needed in fast paced shooting. What makes this scope a favorite of gun enthusiasts though is the value for money. It doesn’t give you many complicated features for tactical operations but will never fail you at mid range magnifications or even full range magnification. The only complain most users have about this scope is the eye relief but other than that it is a great buy.

This vortex diamond back scope review should be able to help beginners and pros alike who are looking for an affordable and yet reliable scope. Read More Owner Reviews Here⇒

Best Long Range Scope For The Money

 What makes the best long range rifle scope?

When it comes to long range rifle scopes you cannot rely on advertisements. Ads can be misleading. You have to rely on unbiased reviews to know which are the best long range scopes are available to purchase. What differentiates long rifle scopes from other scopes is that you need it to be very precise in shooting applications. A 0.001 inaccuracy can be detrimental in long range shooting. But do you really have to buy $3000 long range rifle optics to get the desired results? This is not always the case. There are cheaper bang for the buck long range scopes in the market. You should just know how to look for them.

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Optics Comparison Table

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Nikon Buckmaster NikonBuckmaster

Most Affordable

Leupold AR Mod Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

Most Tactical

Nightforce NXS Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Top Rated

Leupold Mark 4 Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Most Versatile

Bushnell Elite BushnellEliteScope

Most Popular


What factors are most important when considering a Long Range Rifle Scope?

These are some important factors which you should consider when scouting for the best long range scope for the money:

Quality Glass

High quality glass spells the difference when it comes to clear line of sight. You need a clear, sharp glass that can let you see the target clearly, especially at lower power magnifications. You need high quality glass in reading mirage which lets you know the accuracy factor the wind has on the target.

Milling Reticle

The reticle should have evenly spaced dots to help you estimate elevation and distance of the target.This is important to calculate the drop especially if the target is 100+ yards away.

Zoom Power

For long range shooting applications, you should have at least 18x zoom power. When a moving target is in sight 100 yards away, you should be able to zoom on it without any problem. But at the same time a hunting rifle scope should also be zoomed out down to 8x to let the hunter be comfortable looking at targets 50 yards or below.

Elevation Adjustment Range

You should have more adjustment options when it comes to long range scopes. What is ideal is a 100 MOA of elevation adjustment. With all the factors in the field that can contribute to letting you miss the target 100+ yards away, you should have the proper elevation adjustment range to help you be more accurate.

Objective Size

A 50-56mm objective is ideal for long range shooting applications.

 Top 5 Long Range Rifle Scopes 

Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14×40 Riflescope

This is a good companion to your long range hunting needs because of the high quality of the magnification. It gives you a choice of whether to use mil-dot, bullet drop or nikoplex. The light transmission is at 92% which is great to prevent eye strain. This is considered one the best purchases for the money because of its lifetime warranty provided by Nikon. It does not look rugged but it is a tough scope for your hunting needs. It can withstand any weather conditions. It is waterproof, shockproof and fog resistant. This is one of the most affordable long range rifles out in the market. Read More On The Buckmaster Here⇒

Nikon Buckmaster Long Range Scope

Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle

The best feature of this rifle scope is the crisp and clear line of sight. You will be able to hold zero with no hassle even if the target is more than 200 yards away. It is super light weight which is great for heavy long range and mid range rifles. It doesn’t have many features though which makes this a good basic long range optics for beginners. The price is also affordable which makes it definitely a good buy. Read More On Leupold Mark AR Here⇒Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

NightForce 5.5-22×50 NXS Tactical Riflescope ZeroStop

This long range scope is highly recommended by the pros. The eye relief is at 3.7” which is great for hitting targets 300 yards or more. The illumination on the reticle helps a lot in the accuracy and eye relief. This is definitely a great buy because of the image clarity. The quality of glass in this optics is very remarkable. The entire zoom range gives you a clear line of sight. You won’t have a problem holding zero when using this scope. The price is not that affordable though but it is unquestionably value for money. Read More On The NightForce Here⇒Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14×50 mm MR/T M1 

This is definitely one of the top notch scopes in its price range. It cost a little more than the Nightforce but definitely way out of league of the Nikon Buckmaster. This is the favorite rifle scope of marines and snipers. If you do not give any leeway for errors in your shooting application, this is definitely the best scope for you. Leupold is a well known name when it comes to reliability and toughness. This scope therefore is without doubt a scope for the field where you need to do a lot of movement, running and changing locations. Read More On Leupold Mark Non Illuminated⇒Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS 

Another scope which is worth mentioning is the Bushnell Elite Tactical riflescope. It has adjustable power magnification up to 24x. The 50mm objective lens gives the shooter clear and bright magnification even at extended range. There are added features which make this scope a favorite for pros like the G2DMR designed for holdover and windage correction, side focus parallax adjustment, 3 inch sunshade, multi-coated optics for clarity, rain guard, anti-fog and most of all lifetime warranty. With all these features you would think that it would cost a little over $3000 but this is one of the most affordable scopes for beginners and pros. Pricing & Owner Review Here⇒Bushnell Elite Long Range Rifle Scope

The best rifle scope does not necessarily depend on the price but in the application you need the scope for. Beginner gun owners are advised to purchase the more basic, more affordable yet reliable scopes like the Nikon and the Leupold. For pros who need a tough and with crisp quality scopes, you can go for the Nightforce or the Leopold Mark 4. Make sure you check all the factors before purchasing a long rifle scope.