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Best Long Range Scope For The Money

 What makes the best long range rifle scope?

When it comes to long range rifle scopes you cannot rely on advertisements. Ads can be misleading. You have to rely on unbiased reviews to know which are the best long range scopes are available to purchase. What differentiates long rifle scopes from other scopes is that you need it to be very precise in shooting applications. A 0.001 inaccuracy can be detrimental in long range shooting. But do you really have to buy $3000 long range rifle optics to get the desired results? This is not always the case. There are cheaper bang for the buck long range scopes in the market. You should just know how to look for them.

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Optics Comparison Table

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Nikon Buckmaster NikonBuckmaster

Most Affordable

Leupold AR Mod Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

Most Tactical

Nightforce NXS Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Top Rated

Leupold Mark 4 Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Most Versatile

Bushnell Elite BushnellEliteScope

Most Popular


What factors are most important when considering a Long Range Rifle Scope?

These are some important factors which you should consider when scouting for the best long range scope for the money:

Quality Glass

High quality glass spells the difference when it comes to clear line of sight. You need a clear, sharp glass that can let you see the target clearly, especially at lower power magnifications. You need high quality glass in reading mirage which lets you know the accuracy factor the wind has on the target.

Milling Reticle

The reticle should have evenly spaced dots to help you estimate elevation and distance of the target.This is important to calculate the drop especially if the target is 100+ yards away.

Zoom Power

For long range shooting applications, you should have at least 18x zoom power. When a moving target is in sight 100 yards away, you should be able to zoom on it without any problem. But at the same time a hunting rifle scope should also be zoomed out down to 8x to let the hunter be comfortable looking at targets 50 yards or below.

Elevation Adjustment Range

You should have more adjustment options when it comes to long range scopes. What is ideal is a 100 MOA of elevation adjustment. With all the factors in the field that can contribute to letting you miss the target 100+ yards away, you should have the proper elevation adjustment range to help you be more accurate.

Objective Size

A 50-56mm objective is ideal for long range shooting applications.

 Top 5 Long Range Rifle Scopes 

Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14×40 Riflescope

This is a good companion to your long range hunting needs because of the high quality of the magnification. It gives you a choice of whether to use mil-dot, bullet drop or nikoplex. The light transmission is at 92% which is great to prevent eye strain. This is considered one the best purchases for the money because of its lifetime warranty provided by Nikon. It does not look rugged but it is a tough scope for your hunting needs. It can withstand any weather conditions. It is waterproof, shockproof and fog resistant. This is one of the most affordable long range rifles out in the market. Read More On The Buckmaster Here⇒

Nikon Buckmaster Long Range Scope

Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle

The best feature of this rifle scope is the crisp and clear line of sight. You will be able to hold zero with no hassle even if the target is more than 200 yards away. It is super light weight which is great for heavy long range and mid range rifles. It doesn’t have many features though which makes this a good basic long range optics for beginners. The price is also affordable which makes it definitely a good buy. Read More On Leupold Mark AR Here⇒Leupold Long Range Rifle Scope

NightForce 5.5-22×50 NXS Tactical Riflescope ZeroStop

This long range scope is highly recommended by the pros. The eye relief is at 3.7” which is great for hitting targets 300 yards or more. The illumination on the reticle helps a lot in the accuracy and eye relief. This is definitely a great buy because of the image clarity. The quality of glass in this optics is very remarkable. The entire zoom range gives you a clear line of sight. You won’t have a problem holding zero when using this scope. The price is not that affordable though but it is unquestionably value for money. Read More On The NightForce Here⇒Nightforce Zero Stop Long Range Rifle Scope

Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14×50 mm MR/T M1 

This is definitely one of the top notch scopes in its price range. It cost a little more than the Nightforce but definitely way out of league of the Nikon Buckmaster. This is the favorite rifle scope of marines and snipers. If you do not give any leeway for errors in your shooting application, this is definitely the best scope for you. Leupold is a well known name when it comes to reliability and toughness. This scope therefore is without doubt a scope for the field where you need to do a lot of movement, running and changing locations. Read More On Leupold Mark Non Illuminated⇒Leopold Mark Non Illuminated Long Rage Scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS 

Another scope which is worth mentioning is the Bushnell Elite Tactical riflescope. It has adjustable power magnification up to 24x. The 50mm objective lens gives the shooter clear and bright magnification even at extended range. There are added features which make this scope a favorite for pros like the G2DMR designed for holdover and windage correction, side focus parallax adjustment, 3 inch sunshade, multi-coated optics for clarity, rain guard, anti-fog and most of all lifetime warranty. With all these features you would think that it would cost a little over $3000 but this is one of the most affordable scopes for beginners and pros. Pricing & Owner Review Here⇒Bushnell Elite Long Range Rifle Scope

The best rifle scope does not necessarily depend on the price but in the application you need the scope for. Beginner gun owners are advised to purchase the more basic, more affordable yet reliable scopes like the Nikon and the Leupold. For pros who need a tough and with crisp quality scopes, you can go for the Nightforce or the Leopold Mark 4. Make sure you check all the factors before purchasing a long rifle scope.