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Long Rang Scopes is aimed at providing unbiased reviews of the top rated rifle scopes. We focus not just on the target but at how you can aim at your target with ease. Rifle Scope Specialist will give a detailed review for you to be able to choose the perfect rifle scope you need. There are many types of rifle scopes to choose from. Their differences vary depending on your need. The price, parallax, field of view, turret adjustment and magnifications are some factors which make rifle scopes different from each other. Here at Long Range Scopes, we know that you consider all these rifle scope purchasing factors before you purchase. Hit that bull’s eye! Knock down your target! Be at your best during hunting season! Be able to do all these things with the best rifle scope. Our experts can help you make that intelligent decision in choosing the best rifle scope for you. Check out our Best Rifle Scope Comparison Chart Below. (For those viewing on a mobile device, you may want to rotate to a horizontal orientation to view the entire chart)

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Best Rifle Scope Comparison Chart

Rifle ScopeRatingTypePriceOur Full Review
Nikon P-223 3-9x40 4.7Rifle$$$ Full Review
Bushnell AR Optics
4.4AR15 or Tactical$$$Full Review
Nikon ProStaff

4.8Rifle$$Full Review
UTG 30mm Compact
4.4 Compact or AR15$$ Full Review
Vortex® StrikeFire
4.4Compact or AR15$$Full Review
UTG Bug Buster
4.3Compact or AR15$$Full Review
Millett Illuminated Tactical
4.4Rifle or Tactical$$$$Full Review
Aimpoint PRO Patrol
4.8Compact or Tactical$$$$Full Review
Millett Tactical Camo
4.6Rifle or Tactical $$$Full Review

Types of Rifle Scopes

AR 15 Rifle Scope (most popular type on the market today)

An AR15 is a lightweight magazine fed rifle which is air-cooled. It is powerful for its size and comes in variants of semi-automatic and select fire. There are many different kinds of AR 15 Rifle scopes. They are designed to compensate the power of your rifle. Your rifle would be useless if you cannot hit your target. Prices of AR 15 scopes can go up to $400 but there are some midrange scopes which can be bought at a reasonable price.

Rangefinder Spotting Scope

A Rangefinder spotting scope are most popularly known as scopes which accompany snipers or guided hunts. If you are familiar with sniper films and see that a sniper has someone beside him with a scope, that is called a rangefinder/spotting scope. Also, you’ll likely see these portrayed on hunting shows/expeditions so the guide can get a range reading on the target. These types of scopes are best for superior resolution and clarity. Rangefiders can reach up to 1769 yards of ranging performance.  There are angle and range compensation which is often needed for far targets.

Compact Rifle Scope

Compact rifle scopes are designed to be ideal AR CQB and mid range optics. The primary arms compact scope usually features an etched version that requires no illumination. They can be battery powered and waterproof, fog resistant and can fit a standard sized rifle. Some compact rifle scopes are designed to be mounted on specific riffles and ideal for tactical applications, hunting, shooting and sport.

Sniper Rifle Scope

These scopes are designed for long range targets. These scopes are not the same as deer hunting scopes. Designed for long range shooting, sniper scopes can accurately help you hit a target as far as 1,800 yards or 1 mile away. Extreme range shooting is the name of the game. Prices of sniper scopes can be as low as $100 and can be as high as $1500 or even more. Most sniper scopes are waterproof, shock proof, fog proof. You want your sniper rifle scope to be rugged. This optic is designed to be extremely precise.

Pistol scope

These are the scopes which are the cheapest in the market because of the firearm that it is attached to. When using pistol scopes it has a 2 foot eye relief. You do not need to put it close to your eye when shooting a target. It is a perfect choice for hunters, varminters and competitors. Parallax adjustment is usually fixed at 100 yards.

Rifle Scope Purchasing Factors


This is one of the major factors when buying a rifle scope. Depending on the feature and the need, rifles differ in price. Price also differs based on the brand. Price ranges from as low as $50 for pistol rifles scopes and as high as $2000 for rangefinder/spotting scopes. Usually the most important purchasing consideration is price.


Is the effect where the position or direction of the object appears through your scope. The correct line of sight needs to be corrected to avoid the parallax error. This error is common in shooting games/competition. Some scopes are designed to automatically correct the parallax error in order for you to hit the target.

Field of View:

Determined by its optical design and is usually notated in a linear value. It is indicated in meters/feet. It is important to consider this in purchasing a scope because of how you will use the scope. You should not buy a rifle scope that is designed for long range shooting to an AR 15 rifle scope.

Turret Adjustments:

To compensate all factors in the environment so that you can hit the target. It is important to make the necessary turret adjustment to hit the target. There are several adjustment controls, focus, elevation, windage, magnification, illumination and parallax.


This should be a major factor when purchasing a scope. You should know where you will usually use your optics. How much magnification do you need when using your rifle? For most hunting terrains you might just need 3x magnification, for some hunting terrains you might need 9x magnification. Know the terrain which you will use your scope before investing in an expensive rifle scope which might end up useless for your application.

Before you invest in a rifle scope, you have to consider all these factors. Investing in a $400 rifle scope is not easy on your pocket. You also do not want to purchase something which is substandard or does not really fit your rifle and application needs. Consider these rifle scopes purchasing factors and be on your way to become the best hunter in the pack. Hit that target with the right rifle scope!

Top Five Rifle Scopes

Looking for Top Rifle Scopes online can be a pain in the neck, or as shooters would call it an “eye strain” in target shooting. The perfect rifle scope gives you that perfect eye relief that lets you look at a target at a comfortable distance from the scope itself but at the same time remain accurate thereby making you hit the target. What this review site does is give you some sort of an “eye relief” in your search for the best rifle scope that fits your weapon perfectly. We want you to perfectly hit your mark in searching for the rifle scope that will fit your weapon.

There are a lot of factors to consider in investing in a scope for your weapon. But the top reasons should include price: is it affordable but at the same time durable; parallax setting: will it be able to perform and adjust the parallax error and correct it almost instantly; the field of view: how comfortable is your eye in looking at the scope plus the accuracy notated in the scope in its linear value; turret adjustments: this is very crucial in hitting the target. Fast paced shooting, sniper shooting, environment adjustments, your turret adjustments should be able to address all these applications; and finally magnification: are you looking for a scope that you need for sniper shooting range, or battle field and less than 100 yards targets or even a scope for your hand gun.

Among the different highly rated and used rifle scopes out in the market, we have come up with these top 5 scopes which are worth looking at. Considering their price, functionality, overall design and warranty here are our top 5 rifle scopes according to rank:

Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)

The number 1 spot goes to the Nikon ProStaff. The Nikon Prostaff is definitely a must buy. Do not underestimate this scope for how it looks. It is that classic matte design Nikon Prostaff 9 X 40 Reviewthat makes you think that it is going to function like an “old school scope” giving you less range and magnification, or clarity. You will be surprised as to how this optic functions well in target shooting.

Best features:

Quick Focus

Light Weight

Great Eye relief

Lifetime warranty

Who should buy it? It is recommended for people who shoot for recreation. Instead of buying those expensive scopes, this is a great alternative scope that you can install on your high powered weapon. Our Full ProStaff Review Here⇒

Bushnell AR Optics Illuminated Reticle AR Riflescope 

BushnellAR15-300x300This scope is a scope that is designed to impress. It sure as hell looks good on a rifle. Top reasons why shooters buy it are because of its aluminum alloy body and because of its rugged looking build. When it comes to durability, this scope that take a hit and won’t go down easily.

Best features:

Virtually Scratchproof

Easy to Install

Optical Clarity

Great Eye relief

Who should buy it? It is most certainly recommended for AR15 users. Whether you take your weapon on the field or the range, or for competition, this will function well on all AR rifles. This will not just be the perfect companion of your AR because of its functionality but I most definitely look good on it. Read Our Full Bushnell AR Optics Review Here⇒

Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope ReviewAnother quality product from Nikon which is worth considering for your rifle, this Nikon p223 grabs the #3 spot in our rankings because of amazing parallax setting. It is surprising how this classic looking scope can actually correct parallax errors with ease. Although the BDC circles are small, you are still able to accurately look at a target which is beyond 100 yard like it’s just in front of you.

Best features:

Spot on Ballistic Technology

Parallax Setting

Elegant Design

Easily Adjustable Knobs

Who should buy it? It is the favorite of shooters who are very particular with clear optics. With 98% clarity, you can easily see your target 50 yards, 100 yards or even 600 yards from your place. It is a perfect buy if you are looking for scopes which are affordable and yet give clear view of the field. Read Our Full P-223 Review Here⇒

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact 

UTG tactical Scope ReviewThe UTG 30mm Swat scope is another product which is worth investing your hard earned money on. This is a great scope for tactical shooting. It is a favorite among those who use it for military purposes and for recreational purposes. This highly durable scope gets a two thumbs up in our book. With all its design and features this is the most affordable of all scopes in the market. Definitely a bang for the back!

Best features:

  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Finish

Who should buy it? This is recommended for shooters who are not just looking for a mean looking scope but at the same time the most affordable scope with so many functionalities. The build and design is awesome and will look great in any compatible rifle. You definitely with be surprised as to how great this scope will perform in a shooting range or a battle field. Read Our Full UTG SWAT Review Here⇒

Vortex® StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope(Suitable for AR-15)

Vortex Strikefire Compact Rifle ScopeThe Vortex StrikeFire takes our number 5 spot because it is the most compact designed scope that still gives the shooter quality magnification. This is ideal for fast shooting. The size also is makes its weight almost not felt when installed in the rifle. It looks great and definitely one of the affordable compact sized scoped out in the market.

Best features:

  • Most Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Design
  • Price

Who should buy it? This is recommended for shooters who are looking for compact scopes which still give quality magnification. Never mistake its size for lack of performance. It is one mean scope that you can take in the field for fast shooting application. Read Our Full StrikeFire Review Here⇒